Aiden Hall

June 12,2003

Pictured with big brother, Nathan


Hi my name is Kristina, mother to, Aiden,  who contracted Group B Streptococcal (GBS) Meningitis at five weeks  of  life .

Aiden is now eleven months old and has several disabilities. He was transported to a hospital in Houston.  Upon arrival they  told us that, Aiden would not make it.

He had suffered from severe brain damage.

We stayed in the hospital for about a month. They released him to go home the neurologist could not tell us what Aiden would be capable of doing.

They were going to put a g tube in him because they thought he would not be able to bottle feed because he had been intubated  until two weeks before we left.  Because he  was breathing on his own I ask  them to let him try to eat on his own before leaving him an a feeding tube?   Thank God, Aiden showed them that he was able to suck from a bottle.

Aiden is still not sitting up by himself but he tries so hard.  He has some head control most of the time. When he doesn't want to do anything  he gets mad and shuts down. He doesn't move his hands and arms very much but he sure does kick his legs and  is so vocal even though he has profound hearing loss.  Our little angel has has come along way in our eyes. 

The news from the doctors is still bad  about his brain and other problems. 

We are praying that Aiden receives the cochlear implants (CI). They want to go in a do bilateral since the ossification has already started in both ears. The coordinator of the (CI) states even with all of the brain damage  this will give him a sense of well being. I  think it would do more than that.

 It's very hard on everyone in the family.  Our ten year old son has been and feels  left out because taking care of Aiden is a full time job and takes most of our time.  All of the time and hard work is worth every minute of it !!

I'm glad I found your website, better late then never. This has helped me in so many ways  coping and with our struggles with Aiden, because of all  the support I see and feel :) 

We know the road is long and hard but each moment, each day brings new tears of joy.

Aiden held his bottle for the first time last night with a little help. He only did it once but he did it.

I cried because I was so happy.  He has never done that before and to see him hold his bah bah made me really happy.

We pray God will continue to strengthen and guide us on the best ways to help Aiden. We ask Him to protect him as he goes through the treatments and surgeries ahead.

God bless all of you at Angels.  Everyone of you are in my prayers.

Thank you so much for letting have this time to share our darling, Baby Aiden  with you.

Kristina, EBA Aiden's mom



Prayers and Messages To Aiden and His Family

Animation01bDear little Aiden, you are so precious and loved. Your new Angel family loves you and we are praying for you each day. We will ask God to let your Heaven Bound brothers and sisters watch over you. Your Earth Bound family will be here to get your mommy and your family through the hard days continually lifting them and you up to the Father.  Frankie , HBA Ryan's Mom
Animation01bPrecious Aiden and your sweet family-know that you are in our prayers every
day and that you will find allot of support from all of the angels and their
families. Special love to Aiden's older brother - you are special and loved
so much too! God Bless, Christi-mother to EBA Leiloni

Animation01bLittle Aiden, I know you have a tough fight to fight but don't give up. We are praying for you and your family. Love, Sherry Lynn (EBA)
Sweet Aiden, I can tell you are a real little fighter and so is your mom! You keep on fighting and we'll keep on praying.
To mom, doctors don't know everything and a lot of times they are wrong. Go with YOUR gut! I know what you mean about Nathan. It is VERY hard on the siblings. I became a den mother, just to have 1 "alone" hour a week with my Kyle. It helped us both, he was getting 1-1 and I was feeling less guilty about the time I had to spend with the twins.
We'll keep on praying!  From Shirl
Mom to twin EBA's Kraig & Kristofer
survivors of meningococcal meningitis
Animation01bMy Dear Friend Kristina, Aiden and Family,
Thank You for sharing your Angel's story with us and giving us faces to connect the names
with. I know where you are and I know where you have been, The pain and heartbreak is the same. As tears pour down my face~ Knowing one more beautiful boy and  one more family has been attacked by this horrible disease makes  me mad, angry  and determined to keep fighting, to keep educating myself and most of all to support you and my Angel family anyway I can.  My sweet AIden- Remember  God is walking next to you while holding your hand. You are never alone and have many friends and family  that are praying for you everyday. I ask god to help you find the strength and determination to continue your journey and to show great progress everyday. You have a mom with wings and many special friends above.. You and your family are NOT alone ~ We were all blessed with an additional family of Angels.. And a Mama Bear who has given up her life for US.. That makes you a very special little boy and our families blessed as we join as one. .
Bigs Hugs and God Bless You My Dear Friends each and every day.
Lori Lynn Rowland (  Mom of Jena Rose~EB )

Animation01bBeautiful, Angel are loved and watched over by many little one.  I am praying for you and your precious family everyday.  Always remember...God is with you!  Many He give your mom peace of understanding and may you have never-ending FAITH! 

Faithful Daughter Lana
HBA Gina (January 13, 2004)


Animation01bDear Kristina, Aiden and family, keep on hoping and trying... we were told that Emily had brain damage so profound that only one other child had recovered from it... yet today I hear her laughing at her video as I send you our love and our prayers.  Aiden is doing well, the brain has huge potential for recovery and I have learned that children (and adult brain injury survivors) continue to make gains over time as long as they are stimulated and receiving therapies.  All our love to you and precious Aiden,
Steph, Mum to Emily who survived type B meningococcal with septicemia

Animation01bKristina, you all are in my prayers.  I prayed that the Great Physician will be guiding the physicians hands.

Animation01bTo Aiden and His Family
I received this in my email and I go to a prayer group and have forwarded
messages to pray for you!  Be strong and know that God is with you and we will continue to pray for you
everyday! Joanne


Animation01bAiden- You are in my prayer Sweetit!!! So is your Wonderful MOM and family,,
Take one day at a time Kristina We love you all!!!
Lori Lynn Rowland

Animation01bA Note of Thanks form Aiden's Mom.

Well, we were to have surgery yesterday on his eyelid and we decided to cancel till later date. Since Aiden is so big for his age 31lbs at 11 months They have to get a specialist to come in and put an IV in and there wasn't one available until after 1:30 and then they had to find an open OR room and they couldn't give us a time on that. Poor Aiden was so tired and hungry he hadn't ate anything since the night before. So we have put it off to a later date.
Also it was nice to finally meet with you Frankie. Nice to put a face with the emails.
I would also like to thank everyone that has donated to the Angels Family.
Frankie brought some items for Aiden to hopefully stimulate his motor skills and vision.  The diapers for Aiden were greatly needed since he has grown out off the largest size they make. The outfits fit him perfect, size 4T ,is the size for now and hopefully for a while. Again thank you so much this all was and is greatly appreciated.
Thank you Angels for your help
(Aiden's mommy)

Animation01bWhat a joy it was to meet you, Kristina and your beautiful little Earth Bound Angel, Aiden.  It was even more a pleasure to share the love of angels with you all. Frankie


Animation01bYesterday(6/12/04) was Aidens's first birthday. We celebrated the birth of Aiden yesterday. It was a nice day! I cant believe he is 1 such a happy day and also at the same time a sad day. Aiden has two birthdays The day he was born we celebrate then July 22 we mourn the lost of  the Aiden  we had and we also celebrate for the Aiden we now have It is a sad time but we have thanked the good lord above for giving us such a beautiful little angel .
 Its very hard. I sit back and think what would he be doing now if this hadn't happened? When I go to the store I sit and stare at the beautiful babies that are around and think what it would be like to have a (normal) baby.  I don't know what I would do without my Aiden.
Know what I am blessed to have Aiden in my life. My little angel is everything to me. Its very hard to try to keep it together sometimes but god didn't make us that way ( to hold everything in )it needs to be let out. Aiden makes me a strong person than I ever was. Just all of the things he goes through on a daily basis is hard but he does it. He is a very tough baby.
 I know we have a tough and hard road ahead of us. I think to myself. Are we going to be able to do this? sometimes my answer is no then I look at that beautiful face of his and and all of those thoughts go away of course we I can. It scares me sometimes to think about it. Not knowing what your child will be able to do. and the caring for him I'm so scared. But I don't want to think about it just yet . I want to enjoy this wonderful time right now . God has a wonderful life in store for him and for us too.
I am so thankful that Aiden is here. We were told that we he wouldn't make it. With the help of prayer and faith in God he showed us that all things are possible..
The doctors had told us that he wouldn't make it to his first birthday. Boy did Aiden prove them wrong.( I like it when that happens) They don't know everything....
God Bless
Aiden's Mommy!


Animation01bHappy Birthday Sweet Baby, Frankie

Animation01bI am praying for you Aiden and your family!!! Keep your faith and never give up on HOPE!
Love Ya, Miss Ya,
Lori Lynn Rowland




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