Remember  Beth                                                                                             



You will always live within our hearts

If tears could build a stairway,
and memories were a lane,
I would walk right up to heaven
to bring you home again.
No farewell words were spoken,
no time to say goodbye,
You were gone before I knew it,
and only God knows why.
My heart still aches in sadness
and secret tears still flow,
What it meant to lose you,
No one will ever know.

~ Author Unknown~


January 20, 2004

My wife Beth had a spike in her blood pressure last night at 8:10pm causing a stroke that took my darling wife of all most 16 years.  Her body is still on life support but her Sprit is alive and well as part of the Bride for our Lord Jesus Christ.   We have kept her body going for organ donation so that the loss of my wife may save the lives of others.

Thanks for the support.   Tim Sapp


Flower1hMy Dearest Tim:                                                         
We  just received the e-mail about Beth.
Words cannot express the pain or the sorrow our hearts feel  for you and your children.
Please know we are all here for you. We are your Angel Family.
What a beautiful gift to someone else through organ donation. Beth will live on in your hearts and those who receive the gifts.  Many of our Earth Bound Angels have been the receivers.

She must have been very special to be loved the way you loved her.

You will see her again and please know she had a host of Heaven Bound Angels who met her at the gate.

On our hearts and in our prayers, Frankie and Bob Milley, HBA, Ryan's mom and dad



I'm so sorry for your loss. You and your family are in my prayers. Sherry
Thanks for donating her organs. I can see because of an organ donor.


  I am so sorry to hear that Beth passed away last night... I can't begin to imagine what you are going through , I can only say that I am truly sorry for you and your family, please keep your faith in God , and let your children and friends be there for you , just as you are there for them.  Sherri Smith


I am very very sorry about the loss of your dear wife.  I know that there is
nothing I can do,  but please know that complete strangers are praying for
you and your family.  Love Deb/Kevin's mom


I am VERY SORRY to hear about your wife, Beth.  My heart goes out to
you and your two children.  I just lost my Mom, Gina to Meningitis on
January 13th at the age of 51.  I know how you feel.  Just remember,
God has a reason for everything that happens and he has a new plan
for you and your family. God never closes a door without opening a
new one.  It difficult to imagine a new plan when you are grieving,
but the key is to keep your faith in him. He won't guide you wrong.

Your precious Beth isn't suffering anymore, she is home with our
Heavenly Father.  Time down here seems forever, but there's no such
thing as time in Heaven. You will see her again and when you do,
you'll be together forever.

You and your children are in my prayers.  Hug your children for me! 
Let them know their Mommy is okay.

All my love,
Faithful Daughter Lana
(Daughter of HBA Gina)


Flower1hDearest Tim--                           

  We are so sorry to hear about Beth.  You are so generous to donate her                     
organs...that takes great strength and faith.  Know that Beth was aware that
you were there for her.  I hope that you will keep in touch with us as you
can draw great support from Meningitis Angels.  For now, we are so sorry.

  --Tom & Patty



I'm so sorry to hear about Beth.  I admire you for donating her organs so
others can live.  At least you will know her spirit lives on through
someone else.  My prayers are for you and your children.  Amy


Flower1hMy prayers continue to be with you Tim. I'm so sorry you are losing your wife's body. You have quite a chore ahead of you with completing the job of raising your children but we are all here for you in whatever aspect of getting through all of this you need - I've turned to this group for support regarding my son being in Iraq - it really doesn't have to be all about meningitis all the time - they are supportive with whatever issue you are dealing with.
Your wife's soul soars free soon and will be watching over you and your children. I'm so very sorry for the loss you are suffering now. Keep her near you and pray for her wisdom and her patience for your years ahead. God Bless you and your children, and your wife. I'm so sorry...Laura B.

Flower1hTim, I was so shock to read that your wife had passed. My heart is broken for you and your precious children. How old are they?  What a wonderful thing to donate her organs. She will live on in other people, whose lives, she will be saving. She will also live on in you and your children's hearts and memories. Please stay with this little family that  Frankie has created. You will get lots of support and prayers here.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and the children....Shirl


Flower1hDear Tim,
I was so very sorry to read about Beth's passing.  It is wonderful that you were willing to give such a tremendous gift to others.  You're absolutely right that she is alive and well with the Father and all of our loved ones.  What a beautiful sight!  We're all here if you need us.


I am so very sorry to hear you have lost your wife.  When you first sent your message I had hope she would make it.
I lost my grandson on January 3rd (my husbands birthday) it has been the greatest shock I have experienced in the 45 years I have been given. One day he was fine and the next he was gone.  I struggle every day with the why and have turned to God and fellow supporters which is helping in my sorrow.  I hope you find the same support. 
 May God give you the strength to get through this.   Marie


I'm so sorry of your lost of Beth. I remember the day she walk down the aisle to be your Wife. It was a beautiful wedding. It will be a memory we will hold on forever. She's in a better place now. Below is a song my father sang to me a few months ago. There's no Disappointment in Heaven. I found out the news last night. We talked to Beth mother last night.  You all are in our prayers. From Beth's cousin Jeff and Heather survivor of meningitis in 1956 Oklahoma


      This is Beth's cousin Pam.  I still think about her everyday and pray for you and the boys.  Organ donation is such a beautiful gift that lets Beth live on through others.  I can't imagine the pain you must be feeling, but I know your faith will let you endure and grow.  I know Beth's love for you will and the boys will be an everlasting legacy. 

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