Christopher Stokely

Born February 12,1993


My son was born a healthy 9 lbs 7 ounces.

He was one month old when he contracted meningococcal meningitis and septicemia .

He appeared to have a  cold, but was a pale white, had a fever and didn't want to wake up and eat.

When I saw the purple rash coming up on his skin I had no idea what it was, but we took him immediately to the doctor. The doctor told us to get him to the hospital, FAST.

At the hospital, even before the tests came back which would confirm what they already knew.  They immediately gave him high powered antibiotics. Shortly after he was  flown to another hospital which could provide better care, but  before he could be transported he had to be vented. He was wide awake and it took three people to hold our one  month old baby down to do this.

He was at the new hospital two months. That was the start to a very long road.  The first few days they couldn't tell us if he would live or not. Then they said he was going to live but they could  not be sure of the quality of life.

Just before Mother's Day, I sat rocking him in the hospital and giving me the best gift he could ever have given me (not that I was looking for one), he smiled at me. Shortly after, he got to come home.

I just cried!!

They told me not to expect much.

It is now thirteen years later so I feel that I've have a pretty good handle on dealing with this.

Christopher has many after affects of the meningitis. He is totally dependent on me but he can sit and put his head where he wants, so I don't have to hold his head.
He drinks a bottle and doesn't know how to chew well but he can at least enjoy different tastes in his mouth. He loves to kick and scoot around. He will soon have surgery  to straighten his legs and then he will be put in a stander. He's mentally ready now.
The one important thing I've done is treat him as normal as possible and
love him dearly.

He is a complete angel, a real sweetheart!

Lisa, Christopher's Mom