Damon Kimmel

Born July 2004



My Name is Jamiee Kimmel. It was January 4, 2004. Damon, my six month old son showed signs of the flu. He had a fever, couldnít keep down food. But I knew something was different, his fever remained at 106 steadily despite attempts to soothe him and bring his fever down. He had a seizure which the doc said was a febrile seizure, just cause his fever was so high. He got worse that night and had another seizure. We went to the doctor twice and no one would tell me what was wrong with my baby. We went to the hospital where they performed blood/urine tests and x-rays. It showed infection but they didnít know what type of infection so they sent him home. I couldnít believe it. A fever of 106, 3 seizures, lethargic, stiff neck etc and they sent him home. Well the next morning He was taken to the hospital he was having his second tonic clonic or grand mal seizure since in one hour without a fever. The doc in emerge took one look at him and said ďthat boy has meningitis, Iím sure of itĒ he went into seizure and didnít stop. They gave him meds to stop them but nothing was working. Finally they gave him something and he quit breathing. He had to be intubated and transported by ambulance to the childrenís hospital where he was listed in critical condition. My husband Pat and I were told he wouldnít survive. After lumbar puncture and ct scans, it was positive he had spinal meningitis and the organism that caused it was streptococcal pneumonia. They were going to do all they could but the disease was so far gone. We had Damon baptized to bring some light to our trauma. Father John had the Doctors wheel all Damonís machines to the chapel where he performed the most beautiful baptism Iíd ever seen and amazingly enough the next morning he woke up. Damon went through many hardships. While in the hospital he had to have a blood transfusion, 3 MRIís, and he developed yeast in his blood from an infected IV line. He pulled through though and got stronger everyday. They told us an MRI discovered a part of his left brain was damaged due to 3 strokes he had in the height of his illness and he would more than likely not be able to use the right side of his body. That he would be deaf, never run, ride a bike etc. Well Damon is a fighter, he is now 18 months old, he uses his right arm normally and is in therapy once a week with the brain injured team at the childrenís hospital. He is finally walking although his leg drags a bit behind and is turned outward. The therapists are putting braces on his little legs to correct it. His hearing and brain function is 100%. He beat the odds. He is my Earth Bound Angel.


Messages to Damon and Family

Hi Jamiee,
I have just finished reading your story about Damon on the Earth Bound Angels page - while wiping tears from my eyes and my keyboard.
Our stories are so similar - my daughter was diagnosed with meningitis caused by strep pneumonia during the May long weekend of 2005 at 15 months of age.
She too seems to be making a remarkable recovery - she's not walking yet after her illness, but she's already crawling and cruising around using the furniture. Right now, she's not responding to sound and we're afraid that her illness may have left her deaf. We are just starting to make appointments for hearing tests and we're still hopefully that maybe her hearing can be helped.
I wanted to thank you for sharing your story and giving me hope.
Tanya Cindric
Brockville, Ontario



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