Faith Angel Dominguez

Born December 13th 2001- Heaven Bound July 8th 2004


Faith is and always will be our Princess

                                    We remember sitting in the waiting room the day you were born
                                           staring at the clock hoping you were here to fill our heart.
                           We remember when you came home and all the perfect little Things you did.
                           The first time you spoke, When you first smiled and the first Time you crawled.
                        We remember your first steps, first time you rolled your eyes And your perfect laughter.
                     We will never forget how much you filled our hearts with joy Happiness, and most of all love.
                                We will never be able to forget your mommy telling us you  Were gone
                                  We promise never to forget who you are and what you mean to us.
                          you will always be here in our hearts and with all we have we promise to let your
                                                           Legacy live through us forever.
                                                                  Love Mom and Nina
 Faith Angel Dominguez was born to Fernando and Trina Dominguez and big brother Justin she was a princess if you have ever seen one she truly was a gift from God she had many loves singing, dancing and attending church our princess was just perfect in every way.
 Our tragedy hit us on a Thursday early morning Faith crawled into bed with her mommy and told her she wasn't felling well as her mommy felt she was warm she gave her medication and let her sleep with her she later notices Faith still was warm she gave her a cool bath and more medicines when needed. Morning came and Faith wasn't feeling any better so mommy and daddy took her to the ER as the waited in the waiting room my sister called me to tell me she was at the hospital and Faith had a really high fever she stated she would keep me informed on her condition. She called me around two hours later and told me Faith wasn't any better they did blood work and they couldn't find anything wrong with her I asked about her fever and she said it was up to 105 at one time. My sister also stated they might send Faith home.
 Around four hours passed and the next call i received was my sister crying that she had no idea what was going on that they were going to admit Faith to keep a watch on her and the next thing she knew they were taking her to the NICU and my sister had no idea what was going on I said ill be there soon and went to the hospital when i got there we had no idea what we were about to learn. The nurse came down stairs and told us that Faith's condition was severe that she was put on life support and her heart wasn't doing to well. We didn't understand what was going on they wanted to send our baby home and now the doctors are telling us we might loose our baby.
Another few hours passed and finally my sister and brother in-law were allowed to see her when my sister came back down stairs she hugged me and cried and said that's not my baby I don't understand Faith had swelled up and her body was so unrecognizable there were deep purple blood spots on her body and she looked like someone else we didn't understand what was happening to our princess. The doctors stated that Faith had meningococcal meningitis.
It was around seven PM now and we waited and prayed for our baby to bet better that's when the doctors told my sister that Faith wouldn't make it through the night that our Princess was going to die we didn't want to believe it the night before Faith was her self playful happy and healthy.
Four in a half hours later the worst thing that could ever happen as we sat down stairs in the waiting room we could hear my sister coming down the elevator screaming that she wanted her baby back. At that moment our life had forever changed.
The next week was a living hell for my family we did so much and had so much support in raising money to bury our baby I recall my Mom. Faith's grandma making posters for a car wash crying saying "I should be making these for her beauty pageant not to bury my baby" as we cried there was so much to be done.
Those truly were the worst days of our lives.
Faith we miss you baby and we promise to always love you, never forget you and keep you alive through us as long as we live.
 Love Nina, Mom, Dad, Antie Amanda, Antie Yaya, Uncle John, Seannie and JD
 Mommy and Daddy miss you too baby.



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