Born August 26th 1995                                               
  Heaven Bound September 25,1995  



                           Baby Jathan was in this World only a very Short Time;        
                           But he Reached out and Touched Many of our Lives.
                           Brian and Amy was so happy to have such a joy;
                           Then torn to pieces, to lose their little boy.
                           He had the face of an angel, and precious little hands;
                           Why he had to go no one understands.
                            His loved ones will ALWAYS hold him close to their hearts;
                            In many special ways, they will never part.
                            An Angel in Heaven, Jathan Was Chosen to be;
                            Resting in the arms of our Lord, Happy and Pain free.
                            Jathan is really not dead, He is just away;
                            Waiting to see all of his loved ones, Again one day.


Our Baby's Story

A Special baby he was. We awaited our 2nd child with a complicated pregnancy. He was here August 26th 1995. Weighing 7lbs 3ozs. and a month early. One day mama was cleaning the house as usual the night before was a rough one he did not sleep well. But no fever or any thing just a little crabby. 2 weeks old a mom's worse nightmare. I went to check on him in his bassinet. He had turned blue I called 911 ambulance came. I gave him CPR and got him to start breathing again.  In the local ER he had 4 apneas.  They sent us to a Children's hospital. We got the news in 24 hours he was in isolation for 24 hours but it was viral meningitis. It is a rare kind they say. It is a type of meningitis that has to run its course. No antibiotics that help it. The doctors thought with seeing how active Jathan was we might get to take him home but that wasn't the case. Day to day it got worse. 11 days in PICU they gave us the news September 25th 1995 . They had put him into a drug induced coma for about 1 week and 4 days and the 11th day they told us they were sorry nothing else they could do. My world feel apart. My baby's gone. Having to come home empty was the worse part. I am telling you time does do allot but you always have this empty space that you can not ever fill. I am so glad to let you hear  our story.
 We will always Love You Jathan, LOVE MAMA, DADDY, AND BIG BUBBA JAKE