Joseph Reid EBA

Born in Germany on October 22, 1968

with daughter Frankie

My son is an earthbound angel. He is now 36 yrs. old. Joseph is the youngest of twins. His twin brother is healthy and strong. I was living in Soest Germany with my husband and daughter and twin sons as a military family Canadian Troops tour) When my daughter was three years old, we took her to a British military hospital in Iserlohn to have her tonsils and adenoids out, we brought the twins along and would stop back the next day to pick our daughter up after her surgery, In the mean time we stopped in at a friends for coffee and on route home, my son (Joseph) began running a fever, as we arrived home(60 km.) He was flushed and in distress, I forgot to mention that he was only 13 months old. It was November 1969, I don't remember the exact day. Joseph was crying and not able to bend his legs and a rash had begun, he was clearly experiencing head pain, I could not get a spoon of water to his lips ,he was vomiting and I scooped him up and ran down the street to the military medical clinic. upon arrival I was instructed to take a number, my child is very sick i said, I rushed through the doors and pushed my way into an occupied treatment room where the doctor was talking to a woman patient. Out I said, as i cried , my baby needs help. Both looking surprised, the woman left and the doctor after examining Joseph said, "There seems to be an irritation on his spine" ill call an ambulance, I didn't wait for the ambulance, I scooped my son into my arms and ran all the way home( approx 3 blocks) I called up to my husband as I was climbing the 3 three flights of stairs "Hurry, Please Hurry!!" and a neighbor sat with my other son. My husband drove so fast in our Mercedes Benz. that he even drove up on a sidewalk at one point to pass cars. Upon entering the military hospital where we had just left our little 3 yr. old daughter. The doctor came rushing to meet us while rolling up his sleeves, he took Joseph from my arms and into a room where they did a spinal tap and placed him into a cold bath ...opened the windows and frantically tried to lower his temp which at this time was 106 My poor baby curled up into a ball and was so tiny and helpless. But they told me he had spinal meningitis, and contracted it as a side effect of complications to German measles, The next 24 hrs. were critical and we paced and went to the chapel to pray. God was with him that day, and he heard my cry for help. Three weeks later, my earth angel came home for Christmas,. Our military priest prayed with us and blessed his crucifix for us as we thanked God for our son. He is now 6'5" tall and a strong family man. But I will never forget the trauma and knowing that two minutes later would have taken him heaven bound.
Thank you for reading my story. Grateful mother in Canada.

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