Landan Michael Everett Harris

Born 8/17/03 - Heaven Bound 11/16/06


Landan was one of the sweetest little boys around, anyone who knew him would tell you that.

I just lost my son Landan, 3 on Nov 16, 2006 to meningococcal meningitis. It was also in his blood stream. So all together I guess it would be called, bacterial meningococcemia. His death certificate stated that "meningococcal sepsis & cardiac arrest" were the causes. He was my only child.

Everything started Tues. Nov 15 . . . Landan was acting crabby so my husband (Landan's stepfather) put him down for a nap. He only slept an hour & was still crabby when he got up. He was touching his throat so I asked if his throat hurt he said yes . . . and he was still acting tired so I thought he had a cold. So I went out to the store & got some children's Tylenol & Motrin. Well he slept in the living room off & on the rest of the day until I took him to bed in my room around 9:30-10pm. I gave him more Motrin at 2am & he woke up at 3am & asked for juice . . . then at 6am I woke up & saw his juice was gone, asked if he wanted more & he said yes, so I refilled his cup.

At 9am I woke up to find Landan laying on the floor next to my bed covered in, what looked to me, like bruises. I thought he was dead, I was so afraid to touch him. I called my mom & then called 911. We took him to the best children's hospital in the area & they told us he had meningitis & that had a 90% mortality rate. It was so unreal to hear that, I was in shock the whole time we were at the hospital holding on the that 10% with everything I had.

His left foot was completely purple, so were his entire back, & nose. His other extremities were very splotchy purple. And all this was due to something called DIC, which is where the body bleeds & clots at the same time. If Landan would have made it he would have had several amputations. But selfishly we would have taken him any way we could have him as long as he was still here with us.

Landan fought for 23hrs at the hospital enduring 3 hyperbaric treatments. The treatments were helping bring back color to the purple areas. They said it was a miracle he lasted as long as he did, that's why are hopes were high.

His little heart finally couldn't take it anymore & stopped, we watched them doing chest compressions & then the doctor stopped & my mom asked him if Landan was gone & he said yes, there was no more brain function. I still was unable to cry at this point, I couldn't believe what I'd seen with my own eyes & that he was gone. 


It happened so fast. I stepped out of the PICU for a minute to take a phone call & my dad & step mom came running out & told me to get back in their . . . I asked my dad what was going on & he said Landan's heart stopped & they were doing chest compressions. Like I said we watched the whole thing . . . I'll never forget that for the rest of my life. We got to hold him for 5hrs after he died. That's when I was finally able to cry, I miss him so much.

My baby was laid to rest Tues. Nov 21 . . . I still can't believe he's gone. I wish I would have taken him to the hospital the night before but I thought he just had a cold. I miss him so much, & can't get him out of my head.

I'm still in shock. When the Dr. told me he was gone I didn't even cry, I was just shaking. I didn't cry until I held my baby. I feel betrayed, you know I prayed every night . .. every night that God would take me before Landan & that he would bury me someday. I'm not really mad at God, but I just don't get it, I unselfishly prayed to keep my baby safe from harm. AND . . . I loved my son, he was the best little boy . . . I don't understand why God would take him from a mother that always loved him. I'm just so frustrated & scared. I just wish I knew how long I'm going to suffer in this life without him.


Landan's Mommy, Lacey