Larry Brickman

Born December 08, 1972 ~ Heaven Bound on January 07, 2006

 More About Larry

Larry was born in Boston, Ma. on Dec. 8, 1972.  He was a joy to us right from the beginning.  As he grew older he attended school and always graduated with honors. He was Salutatorian (sp?) of his class.    One of his teachers described him as a "teacher's dream. "  Then if was off to college.  He attended the University of Florida and again gradated with honors. He decided he would go into Chemical Engineering, and he attended Georgia Tech where he got a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering.  He got a great job, but decided that this wasn't his cup of tea, so on he went to Berkeley College in San Francisco and got another Masters Degree in Business (his MBA).  He landed a wonderful job in Investment banking (foreign exchange) in Manhattan so off he went again.  He was loved by so many friends and colleagues as well.  He was very thoughtful and level headed and called often.  He was especially close to his Grandmother who was in an Alzheimer's Facility, and he would call her and visit whenever he came in to Florida.  She was declining very fast and so Larry was waiting for the dreaded call. 

He never got that call, because while on a business trip to London, he started to have flu-like symptoms the day before he was to leave for home.  Thinking it was just the flu he figured he would wait until he got home before seeing a doctor.  The next day he did board the plane (I didn't even know he was ill) and evidently got worse, he was short of breath, and had developed a rash all over his body.  The Paramedics were called and met the plane when it landed at JFK Airport in N.Y.  They worked on him for 45 minutes, but he was gone.  He was DOA to the hospital. He had just turned 33 in December and was in the prime of his life.   He had just bought a house and adopted a dog which he called "Pumpkin.  He was living with someone and was extremely happy.  He had everything to live for.    The call came on Saturday evening at 11:15 P.M. on Jan. 7, 2006 that Larry was very very sick.  They did not tell me that he was gone.  I have a nephew in N.Y. who had to go to the hospital to identify him.  I knew in my heart that he was gone, but was hoping against hope that he wasn't.  My nephew called to tell us he was gone.  I will never forget that call.  I was screaming and shaking all over.  He was shipped to Florida, (Ft. Lauderdale) where we had his memorial service and the burial.

How do you bury a child?  That is not the way it should be.    I miss him more than words can say, and a huge part of me died too.  My heart is broken in pieces, and there is a hole in my heart that will never heal.  My mother died two weeks after Larry, and we had to put one of our dogs down due to Cancer on the same day my Mom died. 

 How does one get over the loss of a child?  I wasn't even familiar with Meningococcal Meningitis with Septicemia (blood poisoning) until I did some research on it.  I didn't know it could kill within 24-48 hours after the symptoms began. 

I am having someone walk in his memory at the annual Angel Walk and I will keep supporting Meningitis Angels until a cure or a vaccine is found.
Rest in peace my sweet boy. 

Your whole family misses you terribly, and your were loved by everyone you touched in your short life.

Larry and Nana have flow beyond the stars, entered the gates of heaven and touched the face of God.

We will miss them but will see them again.

Peace be with you Faye, Frankie