Lauren Leeber

It was the day before Halloween 2003 and Lauren and her brother Vic were all excited about trick-or-treating the next day.
I took Lauren to day care that   morning, she was perfectly fine. 

 I received a call at 10:00 am from the   daycare.  They said Lauren wasn't feeling well. 

When I picked her up she had   a fever of 102. 
I took her to the doctor, who gave her a strep test. 
He said she had something viral and to go home and rest.  She threw up while we were leaving his office. 
All day long she vomited everything that went in and her fever rose to 104.2. 

 At about 5:00 pm I noticed some small red dots, not a   lot of them.
Her dad, Vic, went on the computer to try and diagnose something while, in the meantime, I called the doctor again. 

 It was the answering service by this time and they had to get in touch with the doctor.  Lauren then turned white as a ghost. 
We immediately called back and said we would hold while they contacted the doctor. 

My husband gave her symptoms over the phone.  Lauren's doctor had a suspicion of what is was and told us to come in. 
Upon seeing Lauren, she knew immediately. 

While we drove to the emergency room, our doctor called ahead to the local hospital and told them what antibiotic to

give Lauren. We were then immediately sent by ambulance to another hospital. 

A doctor from there came with the ambulance. 

 We arrived at  at 1:00 am (only 15 hours after her first feeling a little sick) where she immediately went into septic shock. 

 My poor baby looked as if  someone beat her up with a baseball bat.  She was purple from head to toe. 

My  husband is a NYC firefighter and his "brothers" were at the hospital by 3:00   am. 

They were told by the doctors not to leave because our daughter was not going to make it and we would need the support.
Lauren's blood pressure was 40 over 20 for about 12 hours and her heart rate was 210. 

All I could think about was how I was going to tell Lauren's brother that his beautiful sister and best friend died. 

They love each other so much.  My brother and sister-in-law were at the hospital

by 4:00 am and all my husband and I could do was hug them and cry. 

With each passing day we would ask if our baby was going to live and the doctors could never give us a definitive answer. 

After about three weeks, they started to seem optimistic.
They day after Thanksgiving, the doctors removed Lauren's legs below her knees and her right hand

 (they kept her wrist intact).  Lauren's knees were necrotic   and we were not sure if they would heal.

 On February 2, 2004, Lauren had   plastic surgery to fix her knees. 

Part of her left kneecap was necrotic and   had to be removed and the doctors put a "flap" of muscle to heal her. 

The operation was a success.
The end of April Lauren's kidneys failed.  She is now on dialysis and will be   getting a transplant on June 21, 2004. 

With God's will, we hope the operation   will be a success.
Lauren is a very optimistic and vibrant girl.  She brings happiness with her   wherever she goes. 

She is strong-willed and energetic.  She is the love of   our lives.  God bless you sweet angel.


Update On Lauren October 31,2004

Lauren has had her kidney transplant and is doing well.

We continue to pray for her health and ask God to bless her abundantly.


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