Leslie Michelle Meigs

She is truly an Earth Bound Angel



Earth Bound Angel

Leslie is very busy working hard for angels. A survivor because of a trial drug. Leslie travels with Frankie Milley and speaks publicly about meningitis and shares her story of survival.

At (12) years old Leslie,  has already learned the true value of  life.

Leslie has spoken  in the Texas Senate on SB 31, at schools and most recently  to CDC on lowering the ages for vaccination and education recommendations.


A Copy of her speech written in her own hand.

           Good afternoon, my name is Leslie Meigs.  I am 12 years old and from Houston, Texas.  I am here today hoping that you will find the education of Meningococcal Meningitis and the existing vaccine to be a necessary addition to the information given to parentsI am also a part of the Meningitis Angels organization that helps children who have suffered from bacterial meningitis, supports the parents who have lost kids to bacterial meningitis, and educates the general public on its existence and prevention.

When I was 8, I was deathly ill in Texas Childrenís Hospital with this disease.  I spent one month in ICU, 3 weeks on a ventilator, 2 weeks in PCU, and 2 weeks in a regular room.  It costs $17,000 per day in ICU, so my total bill was over $500,000.  And, that did not even include the doctorís bills and lab work.  The specific insurance plan offered by my parentís insurance that was used when I was sick, was no longer offered to anyone the following year.  

After I was life-flighted to TCH, they gave me an investigational drug called Neuprex through a double blind study.  I had already started to hallucinate a great deal and then I went into a coma.  Because I couldnít move or even close my eyes, they put me in a computerized bed that moved according to a special program to prevent bedsores, and they had to put eye drops in my eyes all the time.                      

When I awoke after a long time, I had large, thick scabs all over me, and a catheter in my body to help my kidneys filter because they quit working.    When I had my kid catheter, it took 10 hrs for my kidneys to filter and also gave me a seizure.  Then, they took that one out and put in an adult catheter, which took 3 hours to filter for my kidneys.                        

When it was about a week before I went home, they gave me a pass where I could go anywhere for one day, and I chose to go where any child who was sick for 2 months in the hospital would want to go, Home.  At the end of the day, I had to go back to the hospital where I spent Halloween.  It was the most fun that I had in months.  I dressed up as a wizard and got tons of candy.  I had to have surgery to get my purple scabs cut off (the hard part of them).  And when they got cut off, the nurses had to put medicine in them because they were open, and this hurt a great deal.  When I got home from the hospital, I had to go back 3 times a week for about 2 months for dialysis.  By the time the Medicare office called my mother to tell her that I was now Medicare primary, I was taken off dialysis because my kidneys had started to work.  I missed all but two months of my 3rd grade, and had teachers come into my home to help me.  My Mom would have to write down my answers, because I couldnít press the pencil lead hard enough to make a mark on the paper.  After I had this very painful test where they put needles into your arm and shock you, they found that the scar tissue blocked the nerves to my hands. 

Two years after I got out of the hospital, they told me that I got the investigational drug instead of the placebo, and that I was the only one, of the five kids on the study, that left the hospital with fingertips and toes!  Now the activities I am in are cheerleading, track, and tumbling, and this year, I am going to the 8th grade.  My kidneys do not work 100% as my creatinine is 2.5 now and I have lots of scars, but I lived unlike most others who get as sick as me.  If the vaccine were offered and given, kids would not have to get sick like this. 

You can help other kids to not get sick. 

Please approve informing parents, about the existence of Meningococcal disease, and the available vaccine, to prevent it.

 Thank You. Leslie Meigs   


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Leslie, you are so beautiful.    Andrew little brother  Dad, Jodi, Mom Wendy, Santa Andrew and Leslie  



Prayers For Leslie.

Leslie, You are truly a special young woman. I pray God will heal you completely and bless your life with great health. God bless you my sweet Baby Girl, Frankie
You are a very brave young woman, and I am praying for you Leslie. Love, Gail














































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Leslie's story is coming soon.