A beautiful note and testimony about the love of God, from Maggie's father, Doug.

I felt the arms of Jesus.  Well, when Maggie was
taken off of life support the doctors told us to expect normal bodily
functions to happen.  As they handed Maggie to my wife Karen and our
son, Isaac, they held her for a short time and then handed her to me. 
I was holding her and I could tell that life was leaving her body.  The
moment life left her body I felt this quick, warmth come across my arm             
and legs, where her body was laying.  I said to myself, "that little
peanut had to pee on me one last time."  As I got up to lay her body on    

the bed, I felt underneath her and was surprised that she was dry. 
Thinking that I would completely soaked because of how warm the feeling   
I experienced, I was also surprised to see that I was dry.  I knew
right away that Maggie received special delivery to heaven, because the
warmth that I felt was the arms of Jesus wrapped around Maggie.  We
live with the hope and trust that we will be joined again and we are
blessed because our lives have been enriched.


Maggie Grace was born an angel on February 10, 2002, to loving parents who devoted their lives to Maggie and her big brother Isaac, by showering them with love and happiness.

On December 10, 2002, Maggie died suddenly from complications of a very rare respiratory bacteria called homophiles influenza b (Hib).  The disease was more common until the mid 1980's when a vaccination was developed.  Today, because of the vaccination, the disease has been virtually eliminated.

Maggie Grace received the required vaccinations, however -tragically- it was not enough.  Maggie touched the hearts of so many people in her short nine months.  The twinkle in Maggie's eyes and her never ending smile will live forever.  Although some of the earthly dreams may have been shattered when Maggie went to heaven, we can still dream bigger dreams and we'll reach for the stars.  Maggie's work continues and God's Grace Brings Hope to all.


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