Meet the Vaccinators and  Teen Angels

Meet Leslie, a meningitis survivor. Leslie is 17 years old and lives in Texas. She speaks publicly about meningitis and the after effects she suffers from it. She has been featured in several national news articles on meningitis. Leslie is the lead singer of the group and a song writer. Being a debate champion she hopes to have a career in politics one day. If you don't believe she can debate, Just ask her mom. Leslie often speaks with Frankie Milley on the importance of immunizations and prevention of meningitis.

Meet Carye, a meningitis survivor. Carye is 12 and lives in New Jersey. She speaks out on why kids should be vaccinated. Carye has competed in several singing competitions. She loves hanging out with friends. This summer she competed in the Jr Miss pageant with a platform on meningitis.

Meet Kylie, age 14, from  Louisiana and is the sister to Heaven Bound Angel Jane Menard. Kylie is home schooled and is very active in her community and fundraising for Angels. She wants to make sure no one else looses someone they love to meningitis. Kylies is a sweet spirit and makes us all smile with her Louisiana Cajun accent.

Buzz is from Colorado. Buzz is 16 years old and a meningitis survivor. Buzz brings a lot of fun to the group with his wit. He  loves computer games and hanging out with his friends. He wants other kids to know how not to have to go through what he did.


Meet Adam, age 14, from Texas. Adam is the little brother to Emma. He enjoys model cars and playing on the computer. Adam is the easiest going of all the group. No drama......

Meet Lacey, age 14, from Texas. Lacey is a cousin to Ryan Milley. Lacey is our blond of the group and is our Beary Wise Mascot. She makes us all scratch our heads and brings smiles to our hearts with her sweet spirit. She is an amazing artist and loves horses. She loves to tell kids about the importance of immunizations all though it takes 2 nurses to give her one. One to hold her down and one to give the vaccination.

Summer is 13, and from Texas. Also a cousin to Ryan Milley. Summer is very active in school academic programs and celebrates a lot of success in this area. She loves to talk on her cell phone to Carye  and her friends at least when she is not grounded from it from talking too much. Her favorite hobby is reading.

Meet Andrew, from Texas, age 11. Andrew is Leslie's little brother. Andrew is one of the youngest in the group and always has a smile. He loves marshal arts. He knows first hand of the importance of preventing meningitis from his sister's experience.

Meet Emma, from Texas, age 17. Emma is very sweet and always smiling. She plays the clarinet  in the high school band and is very athletic. She is very happy to tell other teens about the prevention of meningitis.

Meet Christian, from Texas, age 11. Christian is also a cousin to Ryan Milley. Christian like sports and playing on the computer. She is one of the youngest of the group but has strong beliefs on the importance of immunizations. She loves frogs and has a serious collection. She loves to hunt and fish with her dad.

Meet Our Past Alumni Vaccinators

Meet Meghan, age 18, Meghan was the original leader of the group and and lead singer. She is currently a sophomore and seeking a degree in music. She is a super talented young woman with an amazing future.

Meet Eron age 20 and  currently attending the University of Mexico. Eron is a great young man with amazing talents as a dancer. He and Ryan were the original choreographers of the group.

Meet Ryan age 20 and our chick magnet and lead dancer. He is 18 and in the US Marines. We wish him God Speed and bring him home safe to us all.

Meet Jessica age 20 from Texas and a college freshmen. She is a very bright young woman and the big sis in the group. She bring laughter to the group and makes us all happy when she is around.

Meet David age 18 year old ,meningitis survivor from Texas. David is the comedian of the group. David speaks out about meningitis and is a triple amputee as a result. David races miniature cars and celebrates several victories.

Meet Cam, age 15 and is from Texas. Cam is very bright and active in drama and music.

Meet Amanda, age 21 Amanda was left blind from meningitis but that does not keep her down. She speaks publicly about disease prevention through immunizations. She is an accomplished marathon bike rider. She attend the University of Tennessee. She is an inspiration to us all. Amanda still serves as a spokes person for Meningitis Angels.