Michael James Drennen, Jr.


     January 16,2001 ~ Heaven Bound January 3,2004

Tiny Angels

Tiny Angels rest your wings
sit with me for awhile.
How I long to hold your hand,
And see your tender smile.
Tiny Angel, look at me,
I want this image clear....
That I will forget your precious face
Is my biggest fear.
Tiny Angel can you tell me,
Why you have gone away?
You weren't here for very long....
Why is it, you couldn't stay?
Tiny Angel shook his head,
"These things I do not know....
But I do know that you love me,
And that I love you so".

Author Unknown


Will I forget these moments as I move through the years? I am lying in bed, and as it has been since you left us, I can not sleep. I remember…..

December 31st as I cuddled with you on the couch, trying to get you to go to sleep.. I remember you smelled a bit musty from playing. You finally did fall asleep…on the living room floor, of course.

I go back a few hours earlier, at Grandma Bonnie’s house as you played so well by yourself. You had found a train track and was putting it together – all alone- and I thought "how good Mikey is getting, just look at him put that track together" His Papa Terry taught him that! You were so good as we played cards. As we got ready to leave, Bonnie decided to keep Damien. You said "you can’t keep him, he is NOT your baby!" He is mine. I had to explain I could not hold both of you at night so the baby had to stay, but we would get him in the morning.

January 1st; you wake early and lay and watch TV. As I lay groggily, trying to sleep a bit more = me on the couch = you on your blankets on the floor. I hear you "mamma , mamma , LOOK, Coal is sleeping with me" as you pat him on the butt. Now, I wonder, was that it, was that when Mikey got sick?

January 1st, you finally get me up. In to the potty you go. Look Papa, I go poop on the potty! You were so proud of yourself. You spent a long time in the tub this morning, just playing. Finally, you are ready! It is time to go get YOUR baby.

January 1st, you and D exchange wet kisses and hugs (is this the moment, you got sick?) and both fall asleep in the back of the car. We are now at mommy’s. You wake up and climb the stairs. Mommy I have a baby brother, his name is Damien. AND I wonder, were you already sick? I did not know this was my last time to see you.

January 2nd; I am off work. I think about you, consider calling your mom and picking you up to go to the museum. I don’t do it. I have to get ready for Papa’s day.

January 3rd; I keep thinking I am going to call you. But, I am tired. Grandma Bonnie can’t come to Papa’s birthday. Daddy and Brandy say they are coming. So I make a special meal, we play cards. I did not call and I am forever sorry.

January 3rd, we are tired, lying on the couch, the call comes and then another. You are gone. And the memories start over….

We are at the zoo; you got hurt when you jumped from the train. Was that when you got sick?

We are at Bonnie’s opening presents – I have the pictures. You look so happy!

We come back home and you and Papa play in the sandbox. "Papa", I need more sand " and Papa says alright Bubba I will get it for you" – I can still see you sitting in the sand box as I try to coax you out to go see all the animals at the zoo and the lights. You finally give in and get in the car.

As we drive, you insist we go get Daddy. We do and he comes along. So do Jason and Kelly. What a nice night. The weather is warm and we ride the tram and then the train – you jump off and hit your jaw – I hold you till you stop crying and we then pull you in the wagon to the car. "Mamma, I don’t think I like this park" I got hurt. Now, I think, was this the cause, is this what made you sick?

Where does it stop? When will I not remember? You were getting so big. Talking. Playing. So excited about Christmas. We had to go to the mall the first weekend Santa visited. You had your picture taken and were SO serious about it. "Mamma, Santa is going to bring me toys!"

And I keep remembering…You had to stop to show Papa Terry the picture of Santa. Boy, what a fight it was for you to let go of those pictures so we could cut one for Terry and Kay. But, we finally convinced you. Little did we know….

And the memories go on…

"JASON, JAASSOON! You yell up the stairs…

"Papa, cut the grass

"Papa, it STINKS in here (your rats and snakes of course…)

"Papa, take me to the park (as we are trying to take you home…we are so tired after running after you today….little did we know..) Papa, Mamma, LOOK at the lights..It is Santa! as we drive you home, tired as always…

"Mama, I think I will go see Papa Terry" …again as we are trying to take you home…and once again we are calling Terry to see if you can come visit…

I see you with your fishing pool at Papa Terry and Kays

I hear you when I am pulling you in the park by the river "mamma, I forgot my fishing pole"…and I think…THAT comes from his Papa Terry!

I hear you at the Zoo that last weekend…as you run behind your dad…THAT is MY Daddy! As he looks up at me smiling! Oops, there are the elephants and then the snowmen and dancing penguins…I have the pictures. You look so happy.

And, January 1st at 12:00 at night…Mamma, I want my mommy. And I say, not tonight hunny. "I want my mommy" We will see her in the morning Bubs. "okay"

Little did we know….And the memories never stop…nor do the tears.

You were part of all of us. So deeply imbedded in our hearts that you will never go away.

As the song says "If I had one wish, I would wish for one more day with you"

Have we all learned anything? Do we still think…Oh; I will call so and so tomorrow. I will pick up the baby…tomorrow…Oh, I will make up later, today I am still pissed…

I will do…..I will see…I am too tired today, I will do it tomorrow, .I deserve this time to MYSELf, today, I will call…whoever, tomorrow…

And, I see you clearly, walking in Walmart, dragging a toy man in one arm and the drum set in the other…oh boy, look at Papa’s face…

I see you, in the park…remember when?

I see you, hear you, smell you and I think = I did so many things, but , I had many more plans, places to see, things to do with you, Ah, it is going to be a long night…make that a long life with memories…



Bear02rMarie shared with me the web site started at Angels.

I just wanted to tell how great it is. You have helped by giving us hope that he won't forgotten. May God bless all of you for your prayer's. Prayer is the only thing that got us through the funeral.
From a very grateful Great Grandmother


Bear02rTo Mikey's Family,

We are so sorry to hear that  little Mikey left this  Earth. But I believe that he waits in Heaven for you, arms open wide, with a smile you have yet to see. I lost my only child, Ryan to meningitis, it is the hardest road you will ever travel. We want you to know you do not have to travel this road alone. We are here, to lift you to the Father, listen to your heart, wipe your tears and love you. When you are ready we would love to hear more about Mikey.

May God give you peace and comfort that only He can give. Frankie and Bob Milley and the Angel Family

Happy Birthday Mikey, what a birthday celebration they must have had in Heaven at the Angel Mansion for you. You have lots of angel brothers and sisters to care for you and a few stand in moms, Jane and Gina. Mikey please tell all hello and that we miss and love them especially my, Ryan  and don't worry we will take care to love your mom, dad and grand ma here till they come to be with you.  Frankie, Ryan's mom

Bear02rDearest Marie and Mikey's Parents,
I am so very, very sorry about the passing of little Mikey.  My heart is broken for you, his parents, and all who were touched by his sweet life and horrendous passing. 
As far as handling grief, I would say that anything goes.  Whatever someone is feeling is right for that person...everyone grieves differently.   Time, time, and more time is what is needed.  Unfortunately there are no quick fixes.  Just "be" with the heart-ripping pain.  So far what has helped me the most (which isn't necessarily the same for all) is praying, being prayed for, and praying for others, hanging on to my family and friends, crying whenever, telling others about my sister, Amy, and making new friends (who now feel like family) here at the angel website.  Also, lots and lots of hugs.  ((hugs))
I'm so sorry.

Bear02rDear Marie and Mikey's Parents,
                  I am m so very sorry to hear about your grandson,,,,,, you ask how do you help his mother? The answer to that I don't have,,, but what helps is just letting her know you are there for her, when she needs you, and listen to her let her talk about him as much as she needs to, many people try not to mention the person, (for fear of upsetting you) but I personally found I wanted/needed to hear his name, I hope that is of some help to you,,
and again I'm so very sorry (((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))),,,
                                                      Jade .x.x.x

Bear02r To Mikey's Family

I am sooo! sorry!  My name is Lana, I'm 15 and just went through this
myself with my Mom. I know exactly how you all feel.  I just lost my
51 year old Mom, Gina Gilley (www.meningitis-angels.org/Gina.htm) on
January 13th to Meningococcal Meningitis/Meningococcima.  Her battle
with Meningitis lasted 6 weeks.  We had our hopeful moments and sad
moments and in the end, she went to Heaven.

I must express to you...
No one and nothing can make you feel better right now, only God can
do that.  You just have to know and realize Mickey was one of God's
special treasures and angels to take him so soon.  He lived his
little life to the fullest.  God has a reason for taking him home. We
would love to welcome you to our angel family.  We have angel chats
almost every night and Mickey's Mom and yourself are more then welcome
to chat with us!  We are all here to listen and love one another.  We
are a family! 

My prayers are with you!  May little Mickey's soul live within your

Faithful Daughter Lana

Bear02rMarie and Family,
  I am so sorry to hear about your loss . no mother or grandmother should have to endure the pain of losing a child .  I hope that you continue to stay with this group, I think that everyone here has a little something to say that will help you and Mikey's mother, I haven't been with this group very long , but, I have seen the love and support that everyone gives each other, for all the death and pain that meningitis has caused, these parents and grandparents can and will offer you a shoulder to cry on, or ,  give you the answers that you may be looking for.   Please take care another Granny    

Bear02rMarie and Family,
I'm so sorry to hear about your grandson Little Mikey.  Know he is not alone as many of our children, sisters, brothers and parents are Heaven Bound Angels.
We are a family here at Angels, and Mikey's parents  and family are welcome
to join our family. We support each other, we cry together and we grieve together.
And with our hearts and our knowledge we want to  stop MENINGITIS and educate the world..
Life can be so unfair, Then we are blessed with wonderful friends..
Please keep us posted on your family, Our arms are open......
Lori ( Jena's Mom )
 Bear02rMarie, I'm sorry to hear about your grandson.  Much too young to have passed on. Meghan

                                                                      (meningitis survivor)

Bear02rDear Marie--

  We are truly sorry for the loss of your little grandson, Mikey.  Please
know that you are in our thoughts and prayers as well as Mikey and his

Bear02rMarie I am so sorry for your loss. He must be a very special little boy for God to need him back so soon....My thought and prayers are with you and Little Mikey's family....Shirl

Bear02rDear Marie,

I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your grandson.  I know it is
devastating for you and his parents.  Perhaps joining a support group such
as this one would help his mother. Amy


Bear02rMikey's Family,
Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers.. There are no words that can heal your pain or answer your questions... Know our arms are open when you are ready..
Friends and support do wonders.. Please join our family of special angels..
God Bless you all,


Bear02rElizabeth, we are so sorry about little Mikey.  We want you to know how much we love you too.  If you ever need us, call. Hopefully, some day soon you will add Mikey's story to the web site.



     I love you so much baby and miss you desperately!!   The pain in my heart is almost unbearable.  I wish you were here baby so I could hold you and tell you that everything is alright, but it's not alright, for your not here.  I just want you to know that you were the joy in our life and I would give it all up just to have you back.  It's a Saturday morning and you should be coming to our house while mommy goes to work.  I know I taught you a lot of things (You was so smart and a quick learner) but you taught me so much more.  You taught me love.  You were all love!!  I wish I could be half of what you were.  I guess that's why god chose you because you were special.  I remember everything baby all the laughs, Joy, triumphs, suffering and pain you went through.  Me and papa are lost without you.  It's hard to go on but were taking it day by day.  I want you to know there isn't one day that goes by that I don't think of you.  I look at things so much differently now since you left.  I don't take anything for granted.  I want you to know that you brought me and your mommy so much closer together.  We actually found out that we are allot alike.  Our family takes the time to do things together where before we didn't.  So, see Mikey even though your not here with us on earth you in our hearts.  The memory of you I will carry in my heart forever!!  Give Precious a kiss and a hug for me and tell her I love her.   Papa sends you lots of hugs and  kisses!!  Were still arguing  (Your papa's boy, No, your Mama's boy) you know that little game.  We'll see you soon.

All Our Love

Mama Kay & Papa Terry


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