Mission and Goals of Angels


Meningitis Angels is a  501 (C) 3 nonprofit, publicly supported organization founded in memory of Ryan Wayne Milley and dedicated to others who lives were taken, the survivors of meningitis, and their families.   Bacterial Meningitis, like many vaccine preventable diseases is deadly. It has no boundaries of race, age, economical, social levels or geography.  However some age groups, races and countries are at a higher risk than others.

We  educate the public, schools, daycares, colleges, government and media on bacterial meningitis and the preventions including immunizations.  We promote and sometimes conduct research on meningitis and the after effects.

 We offer some hands on services to those children  who meet the criteria of our organization as funding and resources are available. 

We work hard to prevent meningitis  and to support our Angels through our organization and  networking  with other patient organizations.  Along with these same organizations and  public health we work  to make sure that immunizations are available and accessible to those who need it.

We offer a updated and very detailed website on the latest information and news about meningitis and great patient resources. We invite you to learn more about this deadly disease, to  conduct research on meningitis and the after effects through our website. 

We invite survivors, their families and those who have lost loved ones, to become apart of out Angel family and to join our international support groups and message boards. 

Please explore our web site for all the latest update information on meningitis.



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