Baby Mitchell

United Kingdom

Baby Mitchell before meningitis.

Baby Mitchell and Auntie Shaz

November 6 Happy Birthday Baby Mitchell


It was around 6 in the morning on 23rd of Jan 2006 when Mitchell woke up screaming i thought he just had a bad dream but he seemed hot I picked him up from his cot and he seemed lifeless so I laid him on my bed gave him so juice he couldn't even hold that he then began to shake really bad and then was sick i thought he just had a tummy ache and needed to be sick again he just lay lifeless on my bed i called my mum in and told her what had happened I told her I thought he just had a fit anyway mum went off to work and still he lay there lifeless this wasn't Mitchell at all his was full of life i knew something was wrong with him so I called the doctor it was around half one in the afternoon before the doctor came out he just said he had  a cold of some sort but if his no better in a couple of hours bring him down to see me while a couple of hours past and still no better so off we went to see the doctor as I was sat in the doctors waiting to be seen this rash came from no where all over his body I went in the doctors and straight away he said hospital now we were there within 10 Min's the doctors took him away from me i will never forget that day having him took off me and all I could do was just sit there and watch all these doctors around I just wanted so much to take him home with me they rushed him off to the intensive care told me to leave for an hour or so because they needed to put a tube down his throat to help him breath that hour waiting seemed like a life time the nurses told me i could see him I walked in and saw my baby with tubes coming out of every where i will never forget that moment I then was  took in to a room and told that they didn't think Mitchell would make it the  nite I couldn't stay at the hospital that night I couldn't cope sitting there waiting for them to tell me my son had just died so I went home with some friends that night my sister and mum stayed the nite all long I sat by that phone but nothing so early hours i was up there again he had made it through that nite but when I got up there his marks on his body had got worse he had puffed up loads he didn't look like Mitchell at all the doctors came round that morning and told me Mitchell has meningitis and septicemia again i will never forget that his little body just laid there looking lifeless I just wanted to hold him so much his body looked black and blue I just sit there talking to him telling him he will be fine well he came out of intensive care and went on to the children's ward finally I could hold him kiss him we couldn't bath him because he had big black scabs on his legs but just to have him awake was great he stayed in hospital in all 3 weeks my little fighter made it his legs are a little marked but as from that he made it trough the worst meningitis going our little hero he will be 2 on 6Th Nov id just like to say to all those people who's lost people to meningitis I say a pray for you every night I know your all in a safe place god bless you all our angels thank you so much for letting me share my story with you

Mitchell's Mum