Nadia Lauren Cortez

Born September 22,2005

Hello I'm new here and wanted to tell my story. The events we went through when my daughter got bacterial meningitis not once but twice.
When I was pregnant I was tested for the bacteria
Group B Streptococcal (GBS), and the test came back positive. My doc gave me the impression that it was nothing to worry about. He told me I would be given antibiotics and everything would be fine.. He never told me what COULD happen. So I went along with my pregnancy. which was very eventful because I always was in and out of the hospital for spotting *which they never found the cause for*
The day I went into labor...  after  16hrs of labor
my water broke. We then decided to go for a emergency C section.
The  baby came and we were happy.. first time parents, it was stressful but we love our baby anyway of course. She was holding her head up good and rolling to her sides when she was a newborn! Then she turned 1 month and that same day she got very sick... we noticed she screamed in pain every time we would pick her up. and her crying .. didn't stop with a  bottle. things just didn't seem right. so
I told my boyfriend for us to take her to the hospital.. and we did. she had a temp, and she was just getting worse... her eyes started going crazy and cross-eyed.. they did all kinds of tests and took a spinal tab. they told us the fluid didn't look good.. it was cloudy. we hardly knew what that meant.. but we knew it just wasn't good. and sure enough the doc comes back in and tells us she does indeed have Meningitis and has to be air lifted to children's hospital. my
boyfriend and I were in shock we didn't know anything about meningitis. this was very scary for us.. our baby in so much pain: (so they took her and we took our car... when we got there they told us she had been having seizures... and she was very lethargic. we even witnessed some seizures and it was the most scary thing I ever saw.. I was scared for my daughter. I started crying of course. she
was very ill. the doc told us she could die, she was that sick.. in a matter of a few hrs this evil illness took over her. she was in the PICU for a week and a half. and that whole week she didn't wake up for anything. then that day came that I went to see her and she she trying to open one eye.  I was so happy.. slowly but surely she opened her eyes that day! she was then taken to the floor. I wasn't so happy about it since the nurses didn't seem as caring as they did
in the PICU. I spent the rest of the 3 weeks there with her. she was
feeding through a tub but then started on her own with a nipple and she did wonderfully during this time (fist time meningitis) they ran many tests. she needed blood, and her body took it well. they did CT scans and she ended up having brain damage and strokes to her left side. she was put on anti seizure meds and we gave them to her when we went home 2x a day. she was doing well.. she is behind in development but she was improving. then she turned 5m 1week and again her crying didn't seem normal, she wasn't feeding good and we noticed
something that may have been a seizure. so we took her into the ER. they  did tests and showed her white blood count was super high. so they told us she either has a bad infection or meningitis again. they ended up doing the spinal tab again and sure enough they told us we're so sorry but your daughter has meningitis again. and once again she had be air lifted to children's hospital.
the cultures on the spinal fluid never grew. they even took more spinal fluid after a week and still nothing grew. they are assuming it was the same GBS bacteria.
Thankfully this time there is no brain damage.. though she did have more then usual fluid in the brain.. so she has another MRI at the end of this month and see if she has still too much fluid or meningitis..
she is currently on anti seizure meds. and doing well... we want know
more until after her  doctor's appointments this month.

Thank you for letting me share my story


Photos for her second round with menignitis


The first bout with meningitis age (1 month)


Going home from the hospital the 2nd time