Natalie St.Germain

My story starts way back in March of 1999...I was a part time College student and trying to ease back into school after a long break from High school.
  The night I got sick I was out at a club with some friends, so where i got meningitis I really don't know. The day I got sick I had purple blotches all over my legs and arms and had a painful headache and was very fatigued. My mother brought me to my Doctors office and from there they determined I was sick with Meningococcal meningitis. The ambulance brought me to the local hospital in Norwood Massachusetts and from there they were not certain if i would even make it ,So I had to get a med flight to Boston.
     I really don't remember much about the ride there so I only hear things from my Doctors , family and friends. I was told that the Priest came in my room to give me my last rights so they were preparing for me to not make it, but to their surprise I made it !
I had three months in New England Medical Center of skin graphs on my legs and arms, three finger amputations, and I had to learn to walk and do everything else on my own. I also had lost my kidney function and had a kidney donated from my younger brother, who I love dearly for that gift.
The Doctors thought I was going to have some permanent brain damage, but I got better and thrived with visits and support from many friends and family...and even my Black lab Dog Nakita.
    After allot of  occupational & physical therapy it has helped me to get back to where I was before .
As of right now I am need a new kidney due to the kidney is failing, but I am hopeful that I will find a match. I have completed 2 years in college and plan on going back in the future. I am also happy to be working at a school for children with disabilities doing therapeutic Horse Back Riding. And I am hoping to become a riding instructor.
    I am looking forward to helping other people who have gone through a similar situation.

 Sincerely, Natalie St.Germain