Rachael  Elizabeth Perry

Born JULY 15th,1985 -  Heaven Bound December 27, 2003

Rachael was the youngest of 3 kids living in Bennington NH. She had 2 brothers, Adam and Jason. She loved her brothers very much and they loved her equally. She looked up to her oldest brother Adam and loved to listen to Jason play his music. They kept a close watch over their little sister, never wanting anything bad to happen to her. Mom was her best friend and she was Daddy's little girl, just as any fathers daughter would be. Rachael just loved
life so much. You would always hear her whistling or singing a song. Mom would call her Minnie Ha Ha because she was such a happy young girl. Rachael also made many friends along the way. She was well liked by everyone she met. Rachael also had many Aunts, Uncles and Cousins whom she had so much fun with. Her Aunts loved having Rachael hanging around with them because she just fit in with them like a sister.  She felt very lucky to have so many Cousins that she had such a great time with. She grew up to be a beautiful, smart and caring young woman. She found herself a boyfriend and started working to save money to attend college because she really wanted to better herself.  It was on Christmas Eve when Rachael was feeling very sick and Mom took her to the Emergency room. She was miss-diagnosed with the flu and sent home.  Mom stayed in bed with her through the evening and returned to her own bed in the middle of the night. Christmas day her Dad checked on her and found her not breathing. She was rushed to the hospital but the damage was done. She was pronounced dead on
the 27th, 2003 with all her family and friends at her side. For those of you who have lived this nightmare you also share the unimaginable pain of losing a child. You know what the days to follow are like. We are left with great memories of the little girl we loved so much who grew up sitting with us on our lap, getting a hug and kiss from Mom and Dad when she got hurt, watching movies in the living room, playing on the trampoline in the yard, hanging out with her friends in her bedroom, playing with her little cousins, going shopping with Mom, hanging out with her big brothers, Rachael just being Rachael. Those memories can't fill the hole left in our hearts but can put a smile on our face.

We can only hope there is more awareness of this disease on behalf of Doctors especially during the flu season. Many more families are counting on it.




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