Then and Now


 I was 18 years day I woke up sick. I felt  like I had a very bad cold. My Mom gave me all the medications for a cold...but nothing worked. I had a bad  headache and a severe fever, I was in bed almost all day. My mom notice some red marks on my legs...and told my dad about it.
My dad said, "Ok time to go to the hospital. This is something else".
I needed to go to the bathroom, but I didn't have the energy to stand up. My mom help me, but I fell to the floor.  I remember,  I heard my mom screaming...I was in and out of conscious by this  time.
I woke up  in my dad's arms taking me to the car. I remember going  to a private  hospital near my house.  They told my dad they didn't have any beds available  and I would have to wait in the waiting room. My dad again took  me in his arms and took  me to another hospital.
When we arrived there, I woke up again...and a policeman took  me in his arms and carried me to the emergency area to a bed...I don't know how much time pass, but when I woke up again. I was in an ambulance with my mom, going to a bigger  hospital.
I was in  a coma for a week, that week was terrible for my family...the doctors were guessing what was going on with me...the fever was worst...I remember, I woke up in a bed full of plastic gloves with ice all over me and around me.
My blood pressure was going down and down...they tried  to take a blood sample but could not get one, They inserted  a big needle in my chest in my aorta.  The doctors told  my family they thought I had  leukemia.
I remember seeing my dad and  mom crying. Still in and out of consciousness , I knew something bad was going on. I went into a  coma. Finally a doctor suggested to do a spinal tap. It revealed I had meningitis.
The doctor started giving  me penicillin 4,000 units every (4 ) hours along with other antibiotics and medications. Finally, I came back....
I still could not feel my legs at times, my arms and hands were stiff.
The doctors said that they needed to take off the skin on my feet and my nails,  they were black.
That was terrible! I felt allot of pain with this. Then my center finger of my right hand turned black too.
Three weeks later they amputated  the point of my finger and  the second toe on my right foot.
They said my case was different...a very different one...The diagnosis  was...meningococcemia combine with the Toxic shock syndrome, and that it was a miracle that I was alive.
They began the same  treatment used on  burned people . They used a medication called  Silvadine.
I remained  hospitalized a month and a half, leaving the hospital on a wheelchair. I begin to walk with very short steps...and then I was better everyday. I received treatments for the next six months.
My boyfriend  quit college to take care of me, never leaving my side.
We married, and had two kids. Eighteen years later we divorced. That is another story.
Eventually...I decided that I wanted to live like I did  before I stood up from my wheelchair !!!! I was very brave...I wanted to live!
I started  college...I became depressed, mostly because  people looked  at me like they were sorry for me...looking at all my scars, etc.
I began to hide my scars...Though very hard to fight the depression, I did it!
Today I wear sandals and  short sleeves,  etc. I still suffer with the after effects of meningitis but
I feel very blessed God gave me the opportunity, to live and  to be a, Mom!
I thank God everyday of my life.. I am an Earth Bound Angel.


 Angel2hMessages To Sary


Hi Sary,
We have been trying to find you. Please contact us as we love you and miss you very much!
Pat & Carlos



Dear Sary, it has been an honor to build this page for you. We are happy to have you become a part of our Angel family, Frankie, mother to, HBA Ryan Milley