Selena Anamaria Banda

July 6,2002~March 4,2004


God gave us such a precious angel. She laughed and was full of such joy. The prettiest star in Heaven only last a short time-like our angel baby.

Each moment we had was so precious. We will always cherish every moment in our memory. She has only left us physically. in spirit she will always be our Guardian Angel.

She will never leave our hearts. Each day we will cry and laugh remembering each moment Sorry for our loss and grateful for our joy.

We will miss seeing her first day of school, her first boyfriend, her graduation, her marriage and her children that could have been but were stolen.

But we will always be grateful for the first step, the first tooth, the first word, the first potty and that undying love we were given each day by her presence.

We take consolation knowing she is in the hands of Jesus. In our minds He is holding her arm around his neck waving "Hi" and saying "I'm o.k."... "it's o.k." She will be deeply missed and deeply cherished always in our hearts, minds and prayers.

We love you Selena,

Mommy, Daddy, Jon Jon, and all of your Friends and family who will miss you always.

A Note From Mom

Our angel, like many others, is in Heaven this year with Jesus for Christmas.......her first away from us. The pain in unbearable as many others know, but our comfort is in the faith and promise one day we will see her again. Please feel free to post her picture on the web site. She passed away from Haemophilus Influenzae B.
It is important to remember those whom we have loved as we could never forget them. It is also important to remember the joy and precious gift we had in the time we had with them and appreciate all the more what we have each day. I don't think we truly realize the blessings that we have until we must realize our lives without the blessing.
May you continue the education on meningitis and may your efforts somehow touch and save the lives of others!


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