Steven Doyle Hough


Born August 3,1985 ~ Heaven Bound June 2,2004


Steven's Story

Steven had completed his first year at University of Louisiana-Lafayette in Lafayette, LA. He had maintained a 2.65 and joined Sigma Nu Fraternity.  He lived in an apartment by himself.  He had great year and meet a lot of new friends.  He had completed his 2nd semester May 7th and came home May 10th.  He was playing summer baseball.  The season started for him May 18th.  They played two games that night and he did well.  He pitched 2 innings in the first game and pitched 5 innings in the second game.  He left Thursday, May 20th going back to Lafayette for the fraternity White Rose banquet.  They left Friday, May 21st for Ft. Walton Beach, Florida.  We met him at his apartment Sunday, May 23rd to move.  We completed moving Monday and came home together.  He rested Tuesday and Wednesday.  He started his summer job Thursday, May 27th.  He played baseball on Tuesday and Friday night.  He was real tired Friday night and did not have a good game.  He was real upset at himself.  I figure that he was just out of shape.  We had a family reunion that weekend out of town.  Steven did not want to go because he was tired.  We let him stay at home.  I talked with him several times over the weekend.  Sunday morning, he decided to go to the lake with his cousins.  He met some friends at a store and decided to go with them to their camp.  We found out later that Steven had fallen off the pier into the mud that day.  We came back home Monday, May 31st, at noon.  We brought lunch home with us.  We visited that day and that night watched a movie together.  He was tired and complained a little about his left ear.  He also had a little sinus infection, so he took some Sudafed and went to bed early.  He got up Tuesday and went to work.  When he came home from work, he told his father that he felt terrible.  Doyle (his dad) tried to make him go to the doctor, but he wouldn’t.  He played a baseball game that night.  He did ok, but he didn’t have to pitch.  When we got home, he was tired.  He wanted to take a bath and go to bed.  He complained about a headache.  I gave him 3 Advil and went to bed.

The next day, Tuesday – June 2nd, my nightmare started at 4:45 A.M.  My alarm went off, so I got up to get ready for work.  Steven called me to his bedroom and said that he had been sick all night and didn’t feel good.  He said that I was going to have to call his Boss and tell him that he wouldn’t be in.  He felt like he had fever, so I gave him some more Advil and helped him into his bed.  He had been lying on his love seat in his room.  His whole body hurt when he tried to stand up.  Again, I thought it was because he was out of shape. I checked him twice before I left to go to work.  I knew that he didn’t feel good, but didn’t realize how serious it was.  I woke my husband up before leaving and told him that Steven was sick and needed to go to the doctor.  At 7:30 AM, my husband called me at work and said that Steven was crying with a headache.  He told me to call the doctor at home.  I did this and found out that he was off this day.  So, at 8:00 AM, I started trying to get him in with a doctor.  Now, I realize that we should have taken him to an emergency room.  At 8:30 AM, he was at a doctor’s office.  They diagnosed with a migrant headache and gave him a shot of imitrex.  He completely loses it then.  I believe that he passed out in the office and never really regain conscious.  They called an ambulance and took him to a local hospital.  My husband called me and said that they could not get him stable.  The hospital didn’t have a clue what was wrong with him.  They never did anything to really help him.  I never got to talk to him.  I saw him a couple of time, but he was not aware of it.  Finally, they got him in to a big hospital in Jackson, MS.  This was a two-hour drive that he went by ambulance and they wouldn’t let me ride with him.  I knew that when we got to the hospital that it was serious.  Steven never moved again.  I held his hand and it was very cold.  I rubbed his legs and feet, which was also very cold.  They finally did a spinal and found out that he had meningitis.  The doctor told me that on a scale of 1-10 and 10 being the worst, Steven was a 12.  Never did it cross my mind that he was going to die or that he would never go home.  We left for them to get him ready to move to ICU from the emergency room.  He was fever was going up and they couldn’t get control of it.  We went to tell the family the situation.  We had great support that night at the hospital.  I had went on up to the second floor waiting on Steven.  Then I decided that I needed something to drink, so I went back downstairs.  When I returned, they said that the doctors were looking for us.  I immediately went to the door and pushed the call button.  They told me that his heart had stopped beating and they were working on him.  They would keep me posted.  About 10:30 pm, they called us in.  They had called in a neurologist to check Steven. 

At 11:00 pm, they declared him brain dead and at 12:35 AM, his heart stopped beating. 


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" You are always in my thoughts, every minute of every day.  I miss you so much more than ever.  You will always have my heart. A part of me will always hold you close.  I know you're watching over me and it helps me get through all of my days.  I love you and I miss my best friend."

Jennifer Sullivan


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