Meningitis caused her death even though Talisha was diabetic.
She was taken to the hospital in a diabetic coma. She had a heart attack and multiple strokes before meningitis attacked her body and she became septic. She developed a rash on her face, around her nose.  The meningitis had started in her sinuses. By this time most of her brain and her brain stem was affected. She was on a respirator from the fist day to keep her alive.  On the, I had to make the hardest decision of my life. The decision to take her off the respirator and see if she could breath on her own. She turned her head towards me with the last of the air left her lungs. I held her hand and told her, "It was OK to go and we all loved her."  After only three minutes  her heart  stopped.

Talisha was just a little over four months into her 25th birthday.

She has gone to heaven to live with her brother who had died with cancer a few years before.
She left two beautiful children here with me, David 7 years and Miranda who turned 4 years old while her Mommy was in the hospital.

I told the kids that, "Mommy is in heaven and is their guardian angle."


Letters to Talisha and Family

I know that it has been really difficult for you to loose Talisha and I know that you miss her even more than I do because you are her Mother; but I want you to know that I am very proud of you and how you have been able to keep yourself together for Talisha's babies!  I know you will be a wonderful Mother for David and Miranda because you have been a wonderful Mother to all of us including Talisha. 
I know that Talisha is looking down from heaven and she is at peace right now, something that she has not been able to find for many years.  I also believe in my heart that she will help guide David and Miranda and she will ask God to help you and all of us to be strong and positive influences on David and Miranda.
The night at the hospital before you and I held Talisha's hands while she peacefully went to heaven, you reminded me of what Talisha did in the 4th grade:
You said, "I will never forget when Tish was in the 4th grade and she had to write a story about who she was going to be when she grew-up!  She wrote her story saying that she wanted to be just like her older sister Tamara."
Mother I can honestly say that she is so much better than her older sister Tamara could ever hope to be and that now I can pray to God and ask him to let me be just like baby sister Tish, our angel in his heaven...
I love you Mom and please never forget that.
I love you Tish and TJ and I will see both of you soon and be with you soon!
Tamara Ann
Tish's Big Sis



   No words can express how I feel and I donít think I will ever be able too.  I love you a lot and I loved Tish more than she ever did know.  God gave us a gift when she left two beautiful children behind. 

 Love always and forever, Deanna

 Its been six months today that you left us,I miss you so much and still I sometimes catch myself wondering why you haven't called. Only time helps with the pain I know.
The kids know you are watching over them from heaven, they look up in the clouds and say thatís mommy up there watching us play. It breaks my heart that they will miss out having you here for all their first life experiences first dates, first loves and first broken hearts, dances, high school graduation and everything that goes with growing up. They are great kids and will do good at anything the try in their life. We all love them very much and will do the best of our ability to help make then strong adults you will be proud of.
Tish, I miss and love you so much but I know we will all be together again some day.
Nite my baby girl
 Love Mom
Dear Mrs. Milley
You did not know me but Talisha had a great impact on my life. I met her eight years ago when she was visiting my father and his girlfriend. She helped to make me the person that I am today, by caring about me as a young child, though she was not obligated to. I plan to visit her grave as often as I can.I think about her in someway every day. So many things remind me of her its difficult to accept that she will never see me become the person that she gave me the  strength and courage to be. She was a wonderful person, you taught her a lot of things, that I am sure you will pass on to David and Miranda, as she passed them on to me. You gave the world a great person through this web page, Mrs. Milley. God thought so too, as he wished her company so soon.

Sincerely ,Sharlene Dornan

    I have so many memories of us as kids. The fun we had, the times we cried together, and the hopes and dreams we had for our children. I wish I could have been there with you when you went in the hospital to hold your hand and help you fight. The day you passed was the hardest thing I ever had to deal with, not only did I lose a sister but I lost my best friend, the only person who understood me. I don't understand why you had to go, and I don't think I ever will. The last year since your death you are always on my mind, what you would be doing if you were here, where you would be, and most of all I miss your smiling face. You were always a free spirit I always had so much fun with you. I admired you and always wished I could have your attitude and out look on life, but I was always to scared to take the risks you did. My last memories of us are before I moved to Illinois, the nights we drove around talking about whatever was on our minds, the nights we stayed up playing monopoly till 3o'clock in the morning, with not a care in the world. I found the letter you wrote and snuck into my purse before I left and I want you to know that I missed you to and I felt the same way you did. IT is so hard to know that your not here, I LOVE YOU TISH AND I MISS YOU SO MUCH. I know that I will see you again someday, and when I do be prepared for a big hug and,



   I just wanted you to know that Tish loved you very much. She knew you loved and cared about her, we all do. Tish was a free spirit and lived her life to the fullest. She learned how to be strong from you and never took any crap from anyone. She knew that no matter what her decisions were you would be there to stand behind her. It was because of all the love and encouragement you gave her that Tish turned out to be a wonderful and caring person, with a big heart and a light around her that no one could miss. Thank you for giving me a wonderful sister that was full of love and excitement, there was never a dull moment when we were together. I LOVE YOU MOMMA. LOVE, MISSI


Tish I want you to know that there is not one day that goes by that I donít miss you. You were not only my sister but you were and will always be my best friend.
LOVE, Missi


Dear Tish,
It's been a year already and it still seems like yesterday, not one day goes by that I don't think about you and miss you. There are so many unanswered questions about why this had to happen and how.
  I remember bringing you home from the hospital after you were born, you were so tiny and reminded me of a little spider monkey. You were such a happy baby, and as you grew up you were so head strong and had to do things your way. Even when we found out you had diabetes you didn't let it stop you from trying to have as normal life as possible. You were in band all through middle school and in high school you also played tennis, even though I was worried that you would over do it.
  Then when you told me you were going to have David I was so scared knowing what could happen, but you were so strong through all the insulin reactions and the trips to the hospital I don't think I could have been as calm as you were. Then when I was there for David's birth it was all worth it. Then three years later little miss Miranda came along, god  blessed you with two healthy babies. Having Miranda is kind of like raising you all over again she sure has your happy go lucky lookout on life and is not afraid to speak her mind. David is more like the storm before the hurricane at times ,at times he reacts before thinking. But they both are very understanding and good kids. David is still getting A's on his report card's and Miranda is doing just great in head start. She just turned five and she has already started to learn to read. They are growing up so fast, I'd like to keep them little for as long as possible.
  Tish Oct.31 was a very hard day for all of us it was the last time we talked to you when you were still with us. I didn't say anything to the kids about it but later Frank told me that David said Papa last year we went trick or treating with Mommy to, and he didn't want to say anything to me cause it would upset me. He is a very sensitive little boy. Tish you are with us all the time and I really believe you know how we feel abut you.
               I Love you
Here are a few pictures of the kids




Merry Christmas in Heaven Tish. Though you won't be here with us in your earthly body, you are with us always in our hearts.
 We Love You
 Mom, Frank, David and Miranda


There is not a day goes by that i don't think about Tish and her coming over to my house to either play dominoes or just to sit around and talk about things that were going on. I didn't know her but for about 5 years but in that little time when someone would see me they would see Tish. That's why people would say that we were each others sidekicks. I listen to a cd that me and her made and i think about her more and more. I wish i knew why she was taken from us all at such an early age but i do know that we will all see her again.  I know she hears me when i say I LOVE YOU TISH and I MISS YOU more than words can ever say.



 I just want to start first by saying "THANK YOU" for such a wonderful friend that you gave us. Tish was always a sweet happy go luck girl. She never let it show when something was bothering her or she had a problem. I will tell you Marie not a day went by that she didn't say at least one positive thing to about you. I cherish the memories that Tish and I shared. She will always hold a special place in my Heart. I always told her she was the little sister that I never had. Also I wanted to say you and Frank are doing a terrific job with raising David and Miranda. You gotta big heart lady. Keep up the good work. Tish I miss you and love ya
                                                                 Love Always Teresa

Talisha Bryant,

Many times over the years I thought you were wrong for my brother. But you were perfect for my niece and nephew. God could not have picked a better person, to be their  mom.  You are missed dearly but always Loved.

 Love Frieda 



Hi my name is Jade Parker.. I have met you a few times, when i lived with Tish and Owen in the apartments.. I even know Dee. I am so sorry to hear what happened, Tish was my best friend for 4 years. I met her and Owen through Anna and Ashley.. she meant so much to me.. she helped me get my life back in order and showed me that there was more to life than sitting alone and thinking I did not have any friends who cared enough to help me.. All along she had been my shoulder to cry on and someone did care and love me for the good person she knew I was... I did not know what happened all this time and it hurt me to never know what happened... I love her with all my hear and she was supposed to be my Maid Of Honor.... I got married Jan 21, 2006 and I did not have one since she was not there... so in memory of her I have a picture for her... she and I picked out this pose for if I ever got married... I miss and Love Her so much. Thank you for your time and I am praying for you. Where is she buried if I may ask...I would like to go and tell her I love her and Thank You....
Jade Parker Allen



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