Louis "Trey" Lange

                                    April 6,1988  ~ December 19,2003




This is picture of my son. He is the 15yr. old Starkey student from Baton Rouge, La. He left us to be with the Lord on Dec.19, 2003. His name is Louis "Trey" Lange, he had Meningococcemia Meningitis.


Trey was a very handsome young man full of personality. He had a way of making people smile wherever he went. He never met a stranger, he would talk to anybody. This worried me when he was a young child. He just loved to talk and that’s what he did most of the time, talk. He never shut up! He could ask a hundred questions about the simplest thing. I laugh as type this, because he was so funny. Talk about comical, that was Trey. He loved to imitate clips from movies that he thought to be funny. I loved to give him a hard time about some of the music he listened to. Now I listen to some of it just to bring back a memory or two, or three. Trey was a very caring boy who loved kids. He enjoyed mud ridding on the 4-wheeler and his dirt bike. He was looking forward to getting his drivers licenses when he turned sixteen, which was also the age he could start dating.


Trey was an obedient child, never a problem…well except for the six months of colic. He made good grades in school and he loved to play sports, but had problems with his ankles. It didn’t stop him from trying that’s for sure. He played little league football for six years, starting at the age of six. He played on a little league basketball team at the age of eight, he played middle school basketball in the eighth grade, and this was his first year on the high school basketball team. Football was his favorite, but the school he attended didn’t have a team. You could always find him playing Madden Football on the play station. During football season he and his dad talked nothing but football. His favorite NFL team was Dallas, and his favorite college team was who else but LSU. He was looking forward to the Sugar Bowl. He was so proud of his home team.


                      The day it all changed



Wednesday Dec. 17.


Everything had started out normal. I got the kids up for school; it was mid-terms so they were getting out of school early that day and Thursday would be the last day of school for the Christmas Holidays. I wasn’t home when they returned from school, so when I did get home Jessica had said Trey wasn’t feeling well so he went to bed. I cooked supper and later went in to check on him and he was running a fever of 103, he said he had a bad headache and his neck felt stiff, but he still stayed that day for basketball practice. He said his whole body just ached, so I gave him some Theraflu and went back an hour later to check on him and his fever had dropped, but he still complained with his neck. Now, just a week earlier a student at a local college had died of Meningitis. So I decided to take him to an After Hours Clinic that was near by. He needed to get better he had exams the next day. So off we went, I told the Dr. my concerns and gave him all of the symptoms that he had. The Dr. tested him for Flu, Mono, and Strep. All came back negative. He said he didn’t feel that it was Meningitis because his neck wasn’t that stiff to him and his fever was gone. So he said he thought he was the early stages of flu. Gave him a Cortisone shot and a prescription of Tami flu and sent us home.


Thursday December 18


I got up that morning to get the kids up for school. I hear Trey calling me from his room. He is moaning like he has bad stomach pains. He said he had gotten up during the night and almost fell going to the bathroom. I told him maybe he would feel better if he ate something since he didn’t eat the night before. I go to the kitchen, as I fixing scrambled eggs and toast; he gets up and goes to the recliner in the living room. We are talking back and forth as I cook and he says his legs feel numb, and his hands. So as I cook I’m trying to decide if I should go to the ER, or just let him stay home and rest. I bring his breakfast to him and he is sitting in the dark, and his face looked dirty. I turned on the light and he had purple spots all over his face and I pulled up his shirt and they were all over his chest. I told him to get up and get dressed were going to the ER. He dressed himself but didn’t have the strength to put his shoes on. All the way to the hospital he begged me to stop and get him some water, but I wouldn’t. He kept moaning and I told him to stop he was scaring me. He said he just couldn’t get comfortable. He just laid his head on my shoulder. We arrived at the ER at about 7:15. We were able to park close, so I went around to his side of the vehicle and he said he didn’t think he could walk so I told him to just lean on me and I would help him. He went to the first chair he saw. They called us to the back and took his temperature, but it wouldn’t register. The nurse got another thermometer and it wouldn’t work. Another nurse is tapping the screen on her machine that was to get his blood pressure and pulse but it wasn’t working either. They then came with a wheelchair and took him to a room where two Dr’s were waiting. They couldn’t get his IV started; Trey hates needles and he wasn’t bothered with all of the sticks. That’s when I wanted to know what was going on. Dr. said some kind of infection wasn’t sure what at the time. They made me leave the room and a nurse starts talking to me about Meningitis. They had to put him on a respirator. They couldn’t stop his bleeding from all of the needle sticks. They finally got the IV in to start the antibiotics. When we were able to see him Dr. said he had Meningococcal Meningitis, and gave him a 20% chance. The Dr. told us if he pulled through he would more that likely loose both legs and possibly arms at the elbow. His legs and arms were purple and ice cold.


Friday Dec. 19


My husband and I went in to see him at 4:30am that morning. No change, I knew then that we were going to loose him. I could feel it. 7:15 am they call us to PICU and we ran in and turned the corner and they were pounding on his chest. They got him back, Dr. says this was the end we had to say goodbye. We stood at his side holding his hand. 7:58 am Trey went to Heaven.


I am thankful for a lot of things. I am thankful that he never went into a coma. The Dr. kept him sedated so he would be in no pain. He would come out of it on his own and sometime Thursday he was awake and understood what we were saying to him. He was trying to open his eyes but they were so swollen he couldn't. We told him he was very sick and that he had nearly his whole class and then some there praying for him. We told him he needed to say his own prayers and when we asked if he understood he nodded yes. I even think he tried to tell his dad that he loved him too. I’m thankful that his sister, Jessica and brother, Yancy was able to talk to him too. I am thankful for all of the support we received from the school and friends and family. The LSU Basketball team visited the hospital and left him a signed basketball. We opened his eyes for him so he could see it. The hospital hallway was packed with kids and no complaints from anyone. I am thankful that the Dr. understood the need for other family members to visit him. I am thankful that Trey knew Jesus Christ as his personal savior.


At first I felt that none of our prayers were answered. I couldn’t understand why Trey wasn’t worthy of a miracle. I would have taken care of him, I just wanted him! Then I got to thinking about when we told him to say his prayers. If he could hear us then he could hear the Dr. Maybe God answered Trey’s prayers. Trey, would not have wanted to live without his full body. He couldn’t handle it. Back in March 2003, he stepped on a nail and ended up in the hospital for five days. He was fighting a bacteria in the joint of his toe, if the infection got to the bone he would have lost his foot. He had to go home with a pic line in his arm and I had to administer antibiotics through an IV for six weeks every twelve hours, then followed that with eight weeks of antibiotics by mouth. This really upset him, just the thought of loosing a foot. There is no way he could handle both legs and arms. I truly believe God knew what he was doing, and one day I will understand why he chose to take Trey so soon. Trey will be my forever angel.

God Bless,

Racheal, Trey's Mom







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                                                                 Notes To Trey and Family


Angel2hDearest Trey:

You have entered the gates of Heaven and met your angle brothers and sisters. There is a verse that comes to my mine as I look at your picture and know the pain your mom is feeling right now. It reads as follows.

When  you remember me, it means that you have carried something of who I am with you, that I have left some mark of who I am on who you are.  It means that you can summon me back to your mind even though countless years and miles may stand between us.  It means that if we meet again, you will know me, and hear my voice and speak to me in your heart.  For as long as you remember me, I am never entirely lost.

~Frederick Buechner~

To Racheal:  Remember  You are still Trey's mom, he just lives in Heaven. We are here for you. You are apart of our family. God give you peace and comfort, that only He can, for the journey ahead. Frankie , HBA Ryan's mom


You were so young (my age) and handsome!  God must have needed you to help decorate for the Christmas party in Heaven.  You were one of his treasures and he needed you back!  I'm sure you know why by now!  May you be with your family in spirit and please talk to God about Meningitis and ask him to give the HB Angel families strength and the EB Angels strength for recovery.  Please ask him to give my Mom, Gina  peace of understanding.  God Bless you and your family!  We look forward to seeing you when God allows.

All my love and prayers,
Faithful Daughter Lana



Angel2hDearest Trey--
We are thinking of you and your family every day.  We pray for your peacefulness in Heaven and for your family here on earth.  We will all be brought together again some day when the Lord is ready.  In the meantime, please give hugs to all of our HB Angels from their families and new friends.  Please watch over and pray for our EB Angels to meet their challenges each and every day.
We look at your handsome picture and it is forever etched in our minds.  We will not forget you or your family. 
--Tom & Patty

Angel2hMy heart goes out to all of you. I am a survivor of meningitis and realize how lucky I am to be here. I only wish Trey were too but even God needs angels. I will put you all in my prayers. Sherry (EBA)


Angel2hTrey and his family,
God is welcoming another angel into his kingdom.  He is happy and enjoying his new home.  The family is very sad, missing him so much.  I wish there was an answer to all life's problems and sadness and pain, but even with all the evil and sadness, God is still God and always will be God.  He is still our refuge and strength and a very present help in trouble.  Ps. 91 can comfort you as you grieve.  God bless and strengthen you as you go through the difficult days ahead, and know meningitis angels is here for you.  Martha VanHoose, mother of a earthbound angel, Sherry Lopez


Angel2hDear Trey (and his family),
First I have to say that I´m from Germany, according to that my English isn´t
the best  but I´m gonna give my best....
I just read Trey`s story at meningitis-angels and felt I had to write you.
Í`m a 15yearold girl living in Germany. my boyfriend died suffering from
meningococcal meningitis in august 2003 in the age of fifteen. In fact he
wasn´t even my boyfriend anymore, we broke off 2 months before he went to
heaven, but to me he is MY boyfriend and will always be. We were together
since we were 12 and he was the most wonderful person, I ever met. and I don't
mind if he maybe didn't feel the same about me. The first reason why I´m
writing to you is that when I read Trey´s story it really sounded like they
were very similar to each other as for example in being amazed by basketball
and all the things....on the pictureI could see they were wearing the same
baseball cap. And then there is a second reason which is a bit difficult to
explain...When I read Trey´s story I felt so angry again about so amazing
and wonderful young people having to leave us. I wish I could say anything to
you that would take all the pain away from you. But it even wouldn't bring
your loved son back to you. There seems to be no satisfying  reason why he
had to die...I spent almost a year now searching for one and Igave it
up. Maybe God has one....
So there's nothing left for me than wishing you strength...strength to keep
up life without him though it obviously isn´t worth living anymore without
him. I know he is watching and caring about you from above. And he won´t have
to play basketball all alone, I can tell you...:)