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Many Earth Bound Angels will not only suffer the loss of limbs, major organ damage including, brain, kidney, skin, but also blindness, deafness, have to give up attending school, quit college or  receive less of an education,  feel alienation form society and they  often  experience some or all of these life changes. The damage of meningitis  is life long.

These symptoms should be discussed with your doctor during follow-up medical consultations. It is believed  the more stress-free the recovery period is, the sooner the sufferer will improve. Patients shouldn’t rush themselves, but rather listen to what their body is telling them and not attempt too much too soon.

The most serious complications

One of the most common complications is deafness , which affects around one in ten people, and can either be temporary or permanent.  Blindness is also a possible complication

Anyone who has had bacterial or viral meningitis should have a hearing test – this is especially important for young children where hearing loss is often more difficult to detect. Children’s hearing tests are arranged through your GP or through your local hospital’s ear, Nose and Throat Department.

During the illness, septicemia (blood poisoning) can occur, and in extreme cases can result in a diminished blood supply to the feet, toes, hands and fingers. This may result in the need for skins grafts or even amputation.

See a list of health and behavior problems below

General tiredness


Bouts of aggression

Recurring headaches/severe migraines

Balance problems

Mood swings

Difficulty in concentration

Violent temper tantrums Deafness

Short-term memory lapses

Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) Joint soreness/stiffness


Eyesight difficulties/blindness Epilepsy

Amputations of limbs

Depression Brain damage


Skin grafts

Kidney Problems

Development of Nero muscular diseases

Digestive Problems

Stunted Bone Growth


*It is important to talk to teachers about any problem a child may be experiencing. Learning difficulties/reduced ability in some areas of school work*  This may bring about even more of the above symptoms.


Can meningitis attack you more than once?

YES !!!!

Caution !!!!!  Because there are more there are many sero-groups of meningococcal and meningococcal meningitis some people have been known to have it more than once. Talk to you physician and possibly even a specialist about protecting yourself.