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"It is when we forget ourselves that we do things that are remembered."

Our staff, board of directors and volunteer support team consist of several caring and loving individuals. Some are parents of Angels. We are blessed to have each one. We encourage anyone who would like to volunteer to help us by donations or service to contact us 

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Frankie Milley Founder and National Director,  with husband Bob

Frankie and Bob Milley lost their only child Ryan Wayne Milley, to Meningococcemia/Meningococcal Meningitis On June 22, 1998. Bob and Frankie have been married for 35 years. Frankie says he is the "Wind beneath her Wings and God is her pilot." She is a strong advocate for immunizations and children' health. She help to write a law SB31 in Texas which states all school age children and their parents should be educated on these issues and has testified on many immunization and  meningitis issues including a law passed in Texas in 2005 which requires children to be fully immunized for day care entry and added Hepatitis A and Pneumococcal meningitis vaccines... She has participated on the CDC steering committee on meningitis, the  Senate Advisory Board with The Texas Education Department and dissemination of materials on meningitis and the vaccines to all schools. She serves as a member of the Texas Department of Health immunization stakeholder committee. She is the world membership team leader of the confederation of Meningitis Organizations. She is a member of several immunization coalitions. She teaches effective advocacy practices and media relations two areas she has experience and great success in.  Her education and career is in medical lab and EMS. She has also worked as a freelance journalist and photographer. Her hobbies include, writing, photography, watching old movies and just sitting by the water chilling.

A note from Frankie.....
One of my favorite quotes is, "God Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
but the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."  On June 22, 1998, God decided to call Ryan home.
I cannot change that. I can only praise God for sharing him with us for 18 years. Read more about Ryan. What I can change is the amount of education and public awareness on not only this disease but all vaccine preventable disease and the vaccines to prevent them. Through education we can create protection for other children, young adults and parents who would suffer from these diseases. We can change this together. Please help! Send your donations, find out what you can do. Please speak to your local health providers about the vaccines to protect your child or young adult. God bless our children.....

To contact Frankie Milley to speak at your seminars, conferences or special group functions including Christian youth groups, schools and daycares, e-mail her at


Wendy Meigs, President with Earth Bound Angel Daughter, Leslie

Wendy is a pharmacist and married to Jodie who is also a pharmacist. She is mom to Leslie a meningitis survivor and Andrew both Vaccinators. She works as a strong advocate for education on meningitis and immunizations. She is always ready to serve wherever needed in the work of Angels.

Her hobbies include Scuba diving and traveling.


Lois Reiszner, Vice President

Lois is is a retired banker and the mother of 2 grown children, Terry and Pat and step mom to 2 more Destiny and Bo. She has 4 grand children. She  serves her community in several organizations. She is a strong advocate for meningitis. She became passionate about Angels because of her love of Ryan Milley. She is constantly  at Frankie's side to help educate the public on this deadly disease. She even poses as  Beary Wise, the origination's bear mascot when Vaccinator, Lacey isn't around.

Her hobbies are her 3 dogs, 2 parrots, her horse and her donkey.


Margaret Moorhead


Margaret is a retired school teacher and reading specialist. She is mom to one son and grand mother to 2 great kids. Margaret is a strong advocate for health and immunizations. She has served on the board of The League of women voters, CHIPS, and Women for Democrats. Margaret serves as a data collector for Angels. She volunteers at the free clinic and Her hobbies are reading and serving her community.

Margaret's hobbies include reading and having lunch with her friends.


Mike Smith, Vice President

Mike is married to Diane and dad to Tara and Jared, both in college. He is a Farmers Insurance Agent in Porter Texas. Mike has ran for Texas Senate and has been courted to run for US Congress. He serves his community in may areas and was recently named Home Town Hero. Mike became involved with Angels because of his love of Ryan and a strong commitment to his community to serve and protect. He served as a coordinator during a meningitis outbreak.

Mike's hobbies are aggravating wife, Diane, hunting, sports and watching the Simpson's


Teresa Richard, Board Member

Photo with pastor husband Mike

Teresa is the mother of two, soon to be grandmother and a strong health advocate. She is married to a Baptist minister and serves with him in the ministry. She believes strongly that spiritual and physical health are the most important thing one can have. She and Mike have two grown children, Bridget and Chancy and two beautiful grand babies.

Her hobbies are her boxer puppies.


Photo Coming

Theresa Menard, Board Member, Fundraising

Theresa is married to Randy and is the mother of Heaven Bound Angel, Jane Menard. Theresa also celebrates (5) other daughters, including Vaccinator Kylie and daughter Dawn who serves an Angel Team Leader for Louisiana. She is also a grandmother.  In her home state of  Louisiana she works non stop on meningitis awareness and legislation to protect kids form this deadly disease. She is very active in her community and helps wherever she can. Her career is in taxes and accounting.

Her hobbies are anything to do with not working.

Becky Worth, Board Member

Becky is a single mom and has a six year old daughter. Becky is very active in her church and always steps up to the plate whenever called upon. She brings youth and energy to our board and we are excited to have her. Becky's career is in medical assisting.

Her hobbies include just hanging out with her mom, daughter Ella and friends.



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