Cassie  Grant


Earth Bound Angel

February 8th is her birthday

  Cassie's Story

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Cute_angel.gif - (11K)Happy Birthday Sweet Cassie, may all your dreams come true and may all of the                             

Angels of Heaven keep watch over you.  Cassie you are a very SPECIAL young woman. 

The music on your page is (Brave Heart) and that is what you are.

There is a verse in Psalms in the Bible that reads, "Protect me from my enemies, 

oh Lord and let the morning light bring me word of your unfailing  love."

I pray this for you Cassie.     God Bless you baby, Frankie, Ryan's mom



Cute_angel.gif - (11K)Happy Birthday Cassie!  I'm praying for you everyday!  God Bless!
Jeseray, Best friend of Misty Barker (HB)



Cute_angel.gif - (11K)Happy birthday sweetie!! You have a lot of angels looking out for you,
mine included!! God will heal you and protect you from pain. "By his
stripes we are healed!" This is my Birthday prayer for you. God bless
you and your family. Hugs, Kelly

angel Valerie's mom


Cute_angel.gif - (11K)Happy birthday Cassie.  You are in my thoughts and prayers,   Heidi


Cute_angel.gif - (11K)Happy birthday Cassie. God Bless You,

You are loved and cared for by your family .  I pray for you and your family every day .

My HB angel, Misty, is watching over you,  I am very sure. 

She was a gem and loved children and actually everybody! Peace to you and your family.

Cassie, I continue to pray for you and your recovery, and that peace be found for you and your family.

You are not alone in your fight.

My Prayer for you:

Father, Cassie continues to be in need of your blessings especially through your healing through her father's hands that care for her. Please, Father, bless this young woman with the healing necessary that she can overcome this horrible disease that racks her body every day and let her be one of your earthbound angels that with her faith in you brings peace and your word to others. I pray for her healing in the name of your son, Jesus Christ. Amen. Laura B

Cute_angel.gif - (11K) Happy birthday sweet one. You keep fighting and we will keep praying!

May God and all of your angels watch over you. Love,

The D'Antona Family (Johnny D'Antona - earthbound angel)


Cute_angel.gif - (11K)Have a very Happy Birthday Cassie


 And we will always keep praying for you. Harley (Earth Bound Angel) and  Donna .                                                                                                                                                                .                                                                                                                                         .

Cute_angel.gif - (11K) Happy Birthday Cassie,

I am keeping you and you family in my prayers,  Darla Dean, Grayson HBA mom


Cute_angel.gif - (11K)Happy Birthday and I will pray for you  Cassie.  HBA Eddie's Mom,  Gail Bailey

Cute_angel.gif - (11K)Hi Cassie,

My name is Lori and I'm the one who sent the prayer to you and your family!!!
My daughter ( Jena Rose) who is now 6 also is a survivor of Meningitis.                                                     

We wanted to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Please know you have special friends who
think about you often and pray for you everyday...
Jena can't speak- But can scream a tune of Happy Birthday you would never forget!!!
I was hoping we could be Pen Pals- What do you think???
Here is a picture of Me & Jena Rose - Just so you can put a name to a face.