Jeremy Herrington  May 9, 1978 to August 11, 1998


  Things started on August 9th 1998, Jeremy, his girlfriend, Shannon, and his sister, Jolene, came back from the demolition derby at the local fair.  He was complaining of a slight headache so he took a few aspirins and went to bed.  

The next morning I got a call that he was running a fever.  I left work and went right home.  I got him out to the living room , and called the hospital.  They said to give him Tylenol.  I did, and also put cold wet rags on his head and fans by him.   

He stayed in the chair.  I got him something to eat, but he got sick ever time he tried to eat.  I asked Jeremy if he wanted to go to the hospital.  He say, No, I'll be fine."  At 20 you can't argue much.  

He then said he had to go to the bathroom.  He started to walk and about fell into the china cabinet I yelled out his name, and got a hold of him and helped him to the bathroom.  I got him inside then stepped outside the door.  Then I heard a bang.  I went back in, and he had fallen into the tub.  I told Jeremy that I was taking him to the hospital.  He said me he felt as if he were drunk.  

I got him to the couch and was getting his shoes on, and he got mad and threw them off his feet.  I said, "Well then you will go without them."  We about had to carry him to the car.  He didn't want to go, and he then wanted to drive himself there.   I said, "Jeremy,  you can't."  

I told my daughter, Jolene, to get a pillow, and put it in the back of the car.  Then to go in and call the hospital, and tell them we were on our way, and we were going to need help.  

When we got there of course there was no one waiting to help.  I had to go get them and a wheel chair.  When we got him inside he got sick all over the place.  They got him in a bed and hooked him up to an IV's.  He was clear enough then that he signed himself in, and could tell them everything they wanted to know.

I stayed for awhile and asked him if he wanted me to stay or would he be alright if I went to work.  He said, " I'll be fine."  I said, "Ok, I'll be here first thing the morning."

I was called at 6 am to get there as fast as I could because they were shipping him out.  I called home and told my husband to get to the hospital, and that I was on my way.  When I got there I went into the room and called his name.  He looked at me.

That was the last time I was to see his eyes open.  The ambulance came and took him, and we followed them.  The next time we saw him they had him all hooked up to all sorts of machines.  This is the way he stayed, until he died Aug 11, 1998.

The ICU ward was just crammed with so many kids.  Jeremy was a very well liked young man.  He had plans to get married the following year.  Jeremy and his cousin were starting there own masonry business.

Jeremy was an organ donor and helped save a 6-year-old little boy who only had a few days to live without the transplant.  These people have blessed us with letting me be in there lives as a friend.  It has helped me a great deal.

If things were done right this never would have happened  I was told this by another doctor who helped me get through this whole ordeal in one piece.  I have had a lot to go through in my head.  As I was told by family you can't do that.  

God bless you all.  My heart goes out to everyone who has had to go through this.

The family and friends of Jeremy Herrington can be contact via e-mail at this address


  My name is Trisha Dials.  I am a close family friend of the Herrington's.  Before I start sharing my feelings with the world I must say that even though it's been almost 3 years it's still pains my heart to talk about it.  So if this seems like it's all jumbled together it probably is.

Jolene, Jeremy's sister, and I have been best friends for almost 13 years now.  That's how I met Jeremy.  He was 3 years older than me so I never paid much attention to him.  We got older and I developed a crush.  We picked on each other, we wrestled and fought and basically developed a great friendship. 

Their mom, whom I call ma, is very camera happy.  I look back now and I'm very glad to have all those pictures of us messing around.  Eventually we started dating and were together about 7 months.  He was a sweetheart and a great person.  We broke up because of the age difference.  We remained good friends.  Kind of an older brother I never had. 

The day Jolene called me to tell me Jeremy was in the hospital and was not doing good I think I went into shock.  I didn't, and couldn't accept it.  But when I got to the hospital I had to.  It was the worst feeling I ever had to go thru.  To see my buddy laying there like that is something I will never forget.

We had to wear gloves and masks just to go in the room to see him. Once Shannon and I went in there we just took the masks off.  I was being stubborn I know but I wanted to give him a kiss so I didn't care. I held his hand and kissed his forehead, and said my goodbyes.  That was the hardest thing in the world to do.

Shannon and I rode home together with ma and dad.  We cried all the way.  It has been hard and we've dealt with it the best we could.  We've all had each other and that makes it ok.  I guess it still boggles my mind that he died from something I have never even heard of.

It was quick and that's what makes it crazy.  He was my friend and I loved him dearly.  I will always love him.  Wherever he is I know that he is watching over us, checking in from time to time.  Once in awhile I write him letters just to get stuff off my shoulders.  I just put them away and maybe someday I can show them to him personally.  I know he's in a better place. 

He will always be close to my heart.  Actually, he holds a very special place in my heart and he always will.  My heart goes out to anyone that has ever lost someone to meningitis.  With a lot of love things will be okay .....Trisha Dials



By Shannon Collin

Well, its been almost 3 years in August.  I will do my best.  Jeremy and I were together for about 2 and a half to 3 years.  We had our ups and downs during the relationship.  I never would have thought he would die.  Especially of something I had never heard of until he caught it. 

I lost a big part of my life when he died.  It doesn't seem like a long

time but it was to me, and I miss him.  I still think of him often.  It still creeps up on me every now and then that he is gone.  But I have to put a lot of it behind me. 

I still remember when I found out he would eventually be brain dead, I remember thinking he would get better.  When he didn't I was so crushed.  I didn't know what to do especially without him.  He was a big part of my life and will always be.  He was my first real true love.  He was a wonderful guy.

Jeremy went to a better place, and I hope he is happy.  I know he is watching all of us from where he is.  Laughing when we laugh, and crying when we cry.  Well maybe not crying, he wasn't much for crying. Guess all I can really say is everyone who knew him loved him.  I really do miss him and always will......Shannon






  This is done by Jolene.  What can I say about my brother?  We had a lot of good times together.  Of course we had our fights, but that's normal.  I miss him very much, and wish he were still here.  Jeremy, I love you, and hope to see you one day.......Jolene



Miss me ... but let me go

When I come to the end of the road and the sun has set for me, I want no rites in a gloom filled room why cry for a soul set free?  Miss me a little but not to long.  And not with your head bowed low.  Remember the love that we once shared.  Miss me, but let me go.  For this is a journey that we all must take and each must go alone.  It's all apart of the master's plan a step on the road to home.  When you are lonely and sick of heart.  Go to the friends we know and bury your sorrow in doing good deeds.  Miss me but let me go.  (author unknown)


From Patti, Jeremy's Mom

Past Denials

I'm past the denial. I accept that you are gone.
I understand that my only choice is to go on,
I've met other parents who share my ordeal, Most have assured me in time
I will heal.
I've read all the books, and gone to the meetings, I've received many
cards of hope and warm greetings,
I am taking care of my mental and physical health, I am not worried with
my personal wealth , I have worn your clothes and slept in your bed. I
visit your grave where many have tread. I brought angels , cards and
beautiful flowers, I even go when its wet from the showers, I've saved
mementoes of your life . Reminders of good times, even times full of
strife/ I've framed many photos your smile everywhere, I talk to you
often as though you were here,  I shared your dreams and I shared your
goals, I felt we were joined even deep in our souls. Try not to dwell
on all that you've missed. But I think of our happy days when we were
so blessed, I talk to God , I kneel and I pray I ask him to help make
this pain go away. My days are so empty so dark are my nights ,
I ask God to hold me until there is light, Our bond was unique, our
love was so strong, your dying so young was unfair it was wrong , I  am
still your mother and you are my son , though death has separated us, it
has not won, I know that you live in the palm of Gods hand , In the
place where angels take care of His land, watch  over me and guide me
while I am still here, till my time to join you my heart holds you dear.

August 2006

Jeremy may the good lord hold you ,
and keep you safe, until I am able to do it myself again, You are
missed so very much, love mom


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