Kyle Evan Vigil

September 28, 2001 ~ January 23, 2002


This is harder than I thought to write a story about my Heaven Bound Angel.

Kyle was such a beautiful baby.

    I want to share with you about Kyle's death. This story like all the angel stories you will read on these pages are so very important to educate the health care profession and public about bacterial meningitis.

My beautiful baby would still be alive if the ER doctor knew the signs and symptoms of this  devastating disease.

On the morning of January 22, 2002 , Kyle was healthy alert and smiling. Everything was perfect until a little after 10.a.m. We were driving home from class and he started to moan.

He continued to moan the complete trip home. We arrived home and I began to rock him and I could feel his fever rising. His temp was 102.9.  I took him to the emergency room. By this time it was about one hour after the first moan began. The ER doctor took blood, urine and did x-rays. He concluded it was a viral infection and told me to take him home and give him Tylenol and Moltrin. We were up all night and finally around 3:a.m. his fever broke. Kyle's daddy left for work around 7a.m. and I started getting ready to take Kyle back to the ER.

His fever was down but I did not like the way he looked and he was still groaning.

As I dressed ,I Noticed Kyle was breathing hard. I picked him up and he went limp in my arms. I rushed him back to the hospital there he went into respiratory failure. He went into a coma like state. At this point I thank God, he was not in pain. I had no idea what would happen to my baby.

The doctor kept apologizing to me and kept saying "I didn't know, I am not a baby doctor.

"I called Kyle's daddy at  9a.m. Kyle was transferred to Children's Hospital where he went into cardiac arrest. We stood there outside that  room and watched our sweet baby Kyle die.

I cannot describe the pain .

The doctor who saw Kyle the day before could have saved our baby, if he had been educated on bacterial meningitis.

Many children will die this year because the medical profession is not educated on this disease. You can help to save your child and your life from this pain, death and mutilation.

Help Angels to educate the public and our medical profession.

Know the signs and symptoms of this killer disease and support Meningitis Angels any way you can.

In Memory of my sweet angel, Kyle

Your Mommy, Teri


Baby Kyle Sleeps with the Angels


The letter above was written by Kyle's dad for his mommy on his first birthday.

                                      First Birthday                                                           
I'm releasing this balloon
To soar high above
In hope's that it reaches Heaven
And to the one I Love so much.
His name is Kyle Evan Vigil
And he would have turned one today
But he had to leave at almost 4 months old
Bacterial meningitis took him away.
So on this special birthday
To honor my baby boy
Light a candle, release a balloon
Or give to a charity, in memory of him.
The balloon is now out of my sight
I prayed for it to be guided into the heavenly lights
So Kyle can receive the gifts inside
It's filled with kisses, hugs, and All My Love.
By his momma
Terri Hooker
Kyle Evan Vigil
09/28/01 - 01/23/02
Nine Months Today
The day my world stopped turning
And my heart was shattered
Because the best part of me
Died that day.
Nine months today!
I will never understand
Why God called your name
But always remember
My love for you will always shine.
Nine months today!
Now I live to honor you
So know one will ever forget
A beautiful, precious baby boy
Whose name is Kyle Evan Vigil.
Nine months today!
I thank God that he choose me
To be your Mama
And though our time together was short
The memories of you are my most priceless possessions.
Nine months today!
Written by Terri Hooker/Kyle's mommy 4 ever
October 23, 2002
Gone, yet not forgotten,
although we are apart,
your spirit lives within me,
forever in my heart.
In Loving Memory of
Kyle Evan Vigil
09/28/01 - 01/23/02
A feeling so strong
I never thought Id feel
Until I felt you
Inside of me
I then discovered love.
A feeling so strong
Beyond all imagination
Was a day of labor
And undescribable joy
When my eyes first saw you.
A feeling so strong
That engulfed me completely
That first time I held you
And looked into your eyes
I knew my life was forever changed.
A feeling so strong
It brought so much joy
Too sleep deprivation
Dirty bottles and diapers
I learned to love unselfishly.
A feeling so strong
I could never describe
How just a little smile
Or the trusting look in his eyes
Could lighten my heart and bring joy to my life.
A feeling so strong
It formed a lasting bond
That even through the pain and tears
And the heartbreak of loss
Our love will last through this find eternity.
Written by Terri Hooker/Kyles mommy 4 ever
October 18, 2002
In Memory of
Kyle Evan Vigil
09/28/01 - 01/23/02
18 Months Old
Every beat of my heart
Is filled with love for you
With every breathe I take
I am missing you.
Today you would turn 18 months old
A big, baby boy you would be
But you had to leave 14 months ago
Bacterial meningitis took you from me.
I do my best to make you proud
Because I know your watching over me
It just so very hard at times
Thinking how life would be with you now.
Visions of what you would be like
Fill my days and nights
A life filled with love and laughter
If only my 18 month old baby boy was alive.
Terri Hooker/Kyle's Mommy4ever
March 28, 2003
In Loving Memory
Kyle Evan Vigil
09/28/01 ~ 01/23/02

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Messages to Kyle

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Kyle, Frankie Ryan's mom

Hi my name is Kasandra. I just wanted to say I am sorry that your baby Kyle die on the front it said we stood there looking out side and watch our baby Kyle die well you can write back and send me a picture of him when he was born and was alive please I am sorry that -that it happen I am sad and crying I fell sorry well write back.

 I would love to here your stories please Thank you love Kasandra sorry that -that it happen




Dear Terri,
I just want you to know that I am remembering you and your husband as Kyle's birthday is here.  It's amazing how the time goes by and yet still seems like yesterday. You're precious baby boy is surely in the arms of angels. There is a quote from a wonderful lady whom I had the privilege of meeting at a Bereaved Parents/USA Gathering in SC over the summer.  She said we are our children's legacy and if we are to share their song, then we have to sing it... I hope you are singing as loud as you can!! 
Peace, Love, & Hope, Debbie Jerdo, Mother of HB Angel, Lindsay 12/16/83-12/24/01

Dear Terri

Remembering your grief, remembering your sense of loss, remembering your
sorrow and yearning. I remember because I also know this heaviest of burdens
and can feel your pain. I also rejoice and thank our Lord we can also share
your hope and His precious promise of Heaven. Halleluya! May the remembrance
of Kyle'ss birth, very special life with you this side of Glory and the
assurance of eternity with our Lord and him bring comfort, peace, light and
encouragement to your souls.

In His Love,
Yolanda Rogers
Mom to Anna