Dear Ryan (Bear)


April 2004

Dear Ryan, well here we are almost 6 years since you left for Heaven. Today I am getting Tomas' ready for the prom. As I am sure you know he is a foreign exchange student that lives in your room. He likes to aggravate your mom, just like you. It is a bitter sweet thing this day. it brings back precious memories of you and your friends on this day.  My heart is so sad for you. So many still come to where you are because of meningitis. It seems so unfair.  So pointless.

Just a few updates on your friends, Danny and Jessica , Pam and Zach and the big surprise is Murph and a girl name Brandi are getting married. I am so happy they have found others to love them and cherish them. Dad and I are happy with all the choices. The weddings are soon. William graduated college. Nick graduated college, got married and is a secret service agent in Washington DC.  Jesse is going to school to be a psychologist. the family should keep him busy, LOL.  Bubba is joing the Houston Fire Department and so did Murph. Clayton joined West University Place Fire Department. You would be so proud baby.  Oh my gosh, Brandi had the sweetest baby. Her name is Kenedee. Dada made her a cute crib.  Jennifer Smith  is expecting twin girls.... How fun. Chris and Tonja just gave Ryan a little brother.

Jenny B, your Jenny is engaged to Clint. Dad and I like him a lot and we are so happy Jennifer has a love in her life. She was sad for a while when you left for Heaven....but God has given her someone to love. She is a dental assistant now. All grown up and still beautiful.

Tara is graduating, can you believe it one of the little people.  She has grown to be such a pretty young woman. So sweet....

All of our family is great... You would love the little people.

Please tell all the Angels there hello and hugs from their families.

Baby, Dad and I wait with great anticipation to see you again.

We love you, Mom and Dad



Dad and Ryan, Always buddies.

September, 2001

Dearest Bear:
Tonight my heart is sad.
So many have joined you this week in Heaven because of a sick and evil man doing the work of the devil himself.
I know there must be a celebration going on in Heaven to beat anything we have seen here on Earth with all the new arrivals, but could you tell the Lord, not that he already doesn't know there are a lot of broken hearts here on Earth and more to come that only He can heal. A few weeks ago I had a hysterectomy. At first I was sad I lost you and now the very part of my body that carried you would be taken from me. But then I remembered you were here with me in my heart, my mind and my soul.
Tonight I am reminded that 22 years ago your dad and I laid in bed and talked about you being born tomorrow. We discussed how you would look if you were a boy or a girl and your dad ask me "how old you would have to be before your eyes would open." I told him babies were not like puppies they came with their eyes open. The next day the 2oth of September was the most beautiful day of our life. You were the most beautiful baby we ever saw. So sweet and you carried it through till the day you left for heaven. Little did we know that we would have you for only a short time. Would we have done it all again, yes baby boy every minute. Tomorrow the gang, Murph, Arron, Shannon, Jesse, Cristin, , Danny and Chris  will meet me for lunch and we will go to the cemetery and we will remember and celebrate the way you touched each of our lives.  Tomorrow night Chis and Tonja will bring their new baby boy over,
they named him  Christopher Ryan ,they call him Ryan, this weekend we will meet the newest addition to Terry and Frances's family, Austin Ryan and soon we will celebrate the 1st birthday of Courtney and Bubba's baby boy, Luccas Ryan. See baby boy so many loved you. Oh yes, Angela and Marrcus have a new baby girl.  Dad and I have bought them all teddy bears in your memory.
I have worked hard this year in your memory we now have a new law in Texas on meningitis, SB31, I help to write and get passed into law and I have started a foundation called Meningitis  Angels, God has already blessed it beyond belief. We created a beautiful web site for it, By the way could you tell Mason his mom and dad Linda and Terry paid for it and Cam built it for us..
Please give Jenni a hug for me and tell her her mom misses her so. Hug Christine for me. I know you hate this job LOL but someone has to do it.  Oh baby boy, how we miss you my heart screams.

How we long to see you at the gates of heaven.
Well baby I will say bye for now.
Please know how much we love you and miss you.

Love Mom

September 10, 2000

Dearest Bear:
This is the month of your 21st Birthday.
Dad and I had planned how this day would be, how we would celebrate. We knew from the moment you were born how proud we would be of you when you reached manhood. You have always been a little man. Ryan please know we were always so proud of you and still are.
We knew your friends would all be around and there would be great laughter and fun.
But Baby Boy, excuse me, Baby Man that was not to be part of God's Plan.
So dad and I have placed a beautiful Angel fountain in your Garden and Dad is building a Dove House. We will place special flowers on your grave and your friends plan to go there on your birthday and return here for supper. We will remember you and there will be laughter and I am sure a few tears. But they will be tears of the joy from knowing you in all of our lives.
I have written a poem for you and all the sweet children gone with you to Heaven to be shared at Christmas with all of my Friends of Angel Children. I have enclosed it at the end of this letter for you to read.
Oh my Sweet Bear! How do we go on with out you? Our days are filled with memories of you. All beautiful except the day you left.  That one even with God's help has some beautiful memories for us.
You have to know you were the greatest gift Dad and I ever received. Your memory is still the greatest gift we have.
So on this September 20th your 21st birthday my Darling Bear.
I pray God will let you hear the whispers of "I Love You" from Dad , me, your family and ALL of your friends.
Till we meet you at the Gate Ryan. know you live in our hearts and you are always remembered with great love.
Your Mom and Dad
PS: I ran into your principal and those "old guys" LOL, you played golf with and they told me all about how they loved playing golf with you and how much they missed you. They also said what a fine young man you were.
See Bear you were always a little man. I say little you turned out to be 6'2" and still growing. LOL I guess that is why God decided you did not have to be here to turn 21 for that to happen.
Happy Birthday Baby Man ! 


Ryan age 10 and Bubba age 6 weeks

Dearest Bear : June 2, 2000
Just wanted you to know Bubba your dog died today. But, then I guess you know that. Dad and I were hoping you were already pulling on his mane and playing ball with him.
Daddy made him a little wooden casket and we wrapped him in the old quilt, remember the one I made for you with the ducks on it. We gave him a new tennis ball , one from your box. We buried him in your garden. I will plant pretty flowers there on his grave.
Bear we miss you so much. Daddy and me are taking losing Bubba real hard he was such a wonderful dog. More than that he was your dog. He just turned 11 in April. Remember when we got him he was six weeks old and looked like a little bear.
He was still missing you. When ever Jesse drives up in the Beast he will still go to look for you. He was very sad when you left. Well Baby Boy if dogs go to Heaven then surely Bubba is there with you now. Daddy and I pray so. Remember he loves doggie biscuits.
It is coming up on your second year in Heaven the 22nd so it is a great gift to get Bubba there with you.
We Miss You so. My heart screams for you. We love you Ryan.
Always and forever, your mom and dad.

Shannon and Ryan, Special friends forever.


Baby Boy this is Mom

I can not tell you how much we miss you. Our hearts hurt so bad. The days are filled mostly with tears. Your friends are around here allot. They take dad to play basket ball he hoses them some time. Shannon and Jose both received the Lord this past Christmas but then I guess you knew that because the Angels sang.

Oh baby Boy! Dad and I can not wait to see you again. I will travel to Russia in April to do medical work with the orphans. Please ask God to watch over your dad. He will miss us both. I will take you both in my heart. But then you never leave there.

Daddy made you a shadow box for all your things . Your letter jacket , your golf club, your sandals some little art work from first grade, your base ball gloves, your cap from graduation and all your old dirty golf caps. It is funny what has become so valuable to me and dad.

Mostly your memory. It keeps us going.

Well Baby Boy,
I love you and I miss you and dad misses you so.
Love you through all Space and Time
Mom and Dad

 Zach, Pam, Shannon, Jesse, Jewels, Bubba, Hanna, Murph, Brandi, Meg and Clayton and oh yes the new dog, Sarah

September 2003

Dear Ryan: Today was your birthday. We remembered you with love. 

Dear Ryan all of your friends came today for dinner and to celebrate your life and your birthday. Even Jewels came from Denmark and brought her friend Camilla. It was such a great day. Dad and I got lots of great hugs. Jesse told some funny stories about you. Baby Boy we love you and miss you.  Murph William and  Schmate have found great girls to love them. I guess there will be some weddings soon.

Oh,  how my heart screams to have danced at your wedding or to hold your baby in my arms. But,  Baby Boy we hold you fast in our hearts knowing we will hold you again in Heaven.

Remember to give little Kyle, Jennifer, Lindsay, Mason and Kelly a hug and kiss from their moms and dads. Ask God to look kindly and closely on our Angel Families.

We  love you Baby Boy, See you at the gates. Mom and Dad

This is just a little bit late, but I wanted to wish you a special birthday Angel boy.  It has been five long years here with out you and I just wanted you to know that although your mom and dad miss you so much, they have been a rock of strength for so many others.  Through you, they have gone the extra mile to fight for the rights of children to have the vaccine for the disease that took you away from them.  God bless you Ryan and I thank God for your precious mom and dad who love you so much. 
With love to you and all our children there with you.
Jane ( mom of Kelly )

Dear Sweet Ryan,
Even though we haven't ever met, I feel I know you. And I know that you have met my daughter, Lindsay. I know that the two of you are rejoicing and dancing on the streets of gold in heaven, and probably wondering why the tears are coming down our faces! I pray that your parents will forever feel your presence in their lives. I thank God for the work they are doing in your memory. God Bless You, Ryan. Until we meet in Heaven one day, hold Lindsay's hand....Love, Debbie & Doug

PS Frankie, I know this is late. But please know I did pray for you. I saw this card and thought "how perfect", for we know that our children are beautiful and born into a NEW life.. love you

Bob and Frankie, I came on here tonight, to let you know that I was thinking of you on Friday...and that I prayed for you many times. I wish I knew what to say! Words are never adequate. You are both very special people in my life; and I love you very much. I can't wait to meet Ryan in heaven.

Happy Birthday Ryan, Ashley

You will never truly know what you mean to me, and how much of an impact you have made on my life! I love you Bear, always will--look in on me sometime, will ya?Shannon


To Ryan & Jenni in very broken hearted moms~many states apart~will weep together at their beautiful children's gravesides...together at noon we will each leave a perfect white rose in remembrance of each other's child. As Ryan celebrates his birth date...Jenni celebrates her coming home date. I hope our beautiful children have met each other~and in our Lord's home of many rooms~prepare a place for us. God bless us Frankie... :( Linda

I am sitting here at my computer looking at your memory pages. I was reading the notes your mom wrote to you and the more I read, the more I loved her (I already love her and Bob more than words). I got to visit your house last summer. I had the honor to see pictures of you and read of all your accomplishments. Your mom has done a great job keeping your memory going. She even left up the poster of the swimsuit model you had behind your door. LOL I got to see your garden and then I got to see your where your body is. We know you aren't there.
There was a hurricane on Fri/sat morning. All of Galveston/Houston was evacuated. I worried about your mom and dad. I Talked to your dad Friday eve, your mom was next door, probably running her mouth. Kidding!! LOL I haven't talked to them yet but I heard they are OK.
I don't know why I am writing you. I guess it's part of my healing. I had MRSA meningitis in Nov 2000 but you know already. I don't know why God spared me but I promise God and you that I will fight and do whatever I can 6to help Frankie educate people on meningitis. I will make sure she and Bob are OK.I promise you, Ryan, that until God allows us to come there I will be your mom's right arm. Maybe the left one too.
Well it is 2 am and I need to sleep. Tell my papaw I miss him. I hope he hasn't talked your ear off yet. LOL I just wanted to say hi to you and talk a bit. see you later
love, Sherry L




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