Mason Sebastian Ott

   Born July 6, 1983 ~ Heaven Bound September 11, 2000



Emily Dickinson said, " We turn not older with years but new everyday."

As I think of Mason, the full life that he lived in a short number of years, this quote comforts me. For a long time I felt as though he had been cheated; seventeen years is truly a blink of an eye. During seventeen years many things can happen; it can seem like an eternity, but as I look back on it, it seems as if  it went too fast and there was too little time to show him how much I loved him.

When I separate myself from this idea of age and look at life as a new beginning in everyday, Mason's life was not short. It was full of new days.

Mason lived just over 6,205 days. In my heart I wish that he had lived five times that number of days, but the days he was given and the ones we were given with him are my favorites and the ones I will cherish all of my life. I remember that he cherished and would have continued to cherish each day and truly become new everyday. When he was alive, everyday he was someone new ....a green beret, a navy seal, a cowboy, a scuba diver, a football player, a friend, a brother and so many other things. I believe that even now he is living a life of new days, and that he is sharing our new days with us.  Though I cannot hug him or see him, I know that he is right by my side and also in my heart every moment. He is with all of us in that way. 

Some days I am angry about what was taken away, about the days left unlived, but I remember all we can ask for are the moments of happiness and shafts of brilliant light.

Mason was one of those shafts of light in my life and hopefully all of us were shafts of light for him during his life.  

Love, Avery



Let us feel your smile on our skin
Find your humor within struggles
See your justice within our actions.
Teach us to embrace this sorrow
As you embraced kindness, bind it
To our spirits as to our hearts
Honest friend, caring grandson, patient
Cousin, adoring nephew, sweet
Tender brother, ever-loved son,
Your gifts with us still; your love brings
Memory, immortality.

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