Michael Scott Joy
June 5, 1984 July 25, 2001


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Meningitis only picks the best of the best. Michael dances with the angels for the King. Frankie Milley, Ryan's Mom

Michael's Medical  Story


    Pneumococcal Meningitis He woke up about 4 a.m. with high
fever and vomiting.  Over the next 2 hours Michael got to the point
that he did not know where he was or anyone around him.  I knew
something was wrong, even though the doctors nurse did not agree with
the fact he needed to go to the hospital.

Upon arrival to the hospital his temperature was 105, he was
incoherent and was jerking severely.  The next several hours we put
cool towels on him to keep his temperature from going any higher. 
The doctor had to get medicine in him, but had to do a spinal tap
before he started medicine (doctor had an idea of meningitis).  After
he was tapped he was started on IV antibiotics.  Michael was
unconscious for approximately 24 hours.  The happiest day of my life
is when I was awakened by the nurse that he was conscious and wanted

1991 2001

    Michael had a communication between his sinus cavities and
the brain cavity of his skull.  His immune system was checked and
every possible idea was explored to determine his problem.  Numerous
times he was injected with dies and isotopes to determine where the
communication was.  The doctors did exploratory surgery on his
mastoid sinus cavities, he had a lot of sinus problems and the
doctors had seen some problems in this area before.  When the
mastoids were opened up he had spinal fluid weeping out of the sinus
cavities, at this point we knew he a fluid leak from the some where
in the skull.  The doctors decided they had to do exploratory
Craniotomy to look for the problem, they discovered 3 holes in the
durra covering the brain.  We thought this was the reason he was
getting sick, our happiness changed within 6 months another case of
meningitis.  The doctors had to do another Craniotomy to determine
what they missed, they patched areas inside his skull behind his nose
(Michael lost a lot of his smell and taste). 

He did not get another case of Meningitis until July 25, 2001, the one that took him from us.
    Over the last 11 years I have outlined all the medical
procedures that were performed on Michael

Pneumococcal Meningitis                15 Cases
Spinal Taps                                     75+
IV's                                                 200+
Craniotomies                                    2
Ear Surgeries                                   4
Sinus Surgeries                                3
Weeks in Hospital Lifetime              Approx 20
Week on Home Health                    4
Michael was first patient that was allowed to go home on home health a after 5 days on antibiotics.
Meningitis vaccinations                     2
Scott Joy , Michael's Dad

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